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JZ is a very successful entrepreneur and he values the importance of health, fitness and exercise to be able to continue to function effectively in all areas of his life. Since 1990, as an entrepreneur, JZ who has chronic nerve related neck and back pain problems, immediately values the benefits of Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation, even its most early stages of development using needles.

In 1990, Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation was performed manually using dry needling with acupuncture needles which then progressed to automated twitch obtaining intramuscular stimulation (ATOIMS) using mono polar electromyographic (EMG) needles. This then developed into electrical twitch obtaining intramuscular stimulation (ETOIMS), still using mono polar EMG needles. Please visit for the details of this developmental history. This is the web site of patient funded charitable foundation for disseminating information to patients suffering from myofascial pain and fibromyalgia. JZ is the President of Painfree-international Charitable Foundation.

In 2006, the medical technological development advanced and became state-of-the-art eToims using surface application method avoiding the need to puncture with needles. Nowadays, JZ’s pain condition is easier to control since the results are faster and more immediately effective as seen in the following videotape.

Thus, JZ continues to invest in his health by continuing to receive his weekly Electrical Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation (eToims) sessions.

In eToims, motor points or neuromuscular junctions (acupuncture/trigger points) are electrically stimulated muscle by muscle through surface application. The motor point is searched for by repetitive stimulation of multiple areas in each muscle until the motor point is found for each muscle of importance. The subsequent stimulation of the motor point elicits strong force twitch contractions that aid in promoting circulation and also produces an internal stretch effect to the muscle fibers adjacent to the motor point.

Definitive pain relief and functional improvements occur only on locating the motor point. Distant stimulation of the motor point or muscle stimulation will not bring on these definitive results. Having obtained the benefits of eToims Twitch Relief Method, JZ at age 81 continues to function effectively in his work, and as a member of his family, and his community. In his own words, JZ talks on entrpreneurs and as you follow his story weekly, you will understand that he has all these qualifications!

What are the attributes of the entrepreneur?
Risk taking, commitment, vision, creativity, imagination. He is an active person who eagerly participates as contrasted to a passive spectator. He must be innovative. If he cannot crawl over an obstacle he must plan to crawl around it. He does what must be done in order to attain an objective.

An entrepreneur must be agile, nimble and conditioned, reacts quickly when opportunities can be developed. To be practically advantageous, an entrepreneur must possess good judgment and must know when and where to compromise, and above all, the entrepreneur must be practical. Paradoxically, an entrepreneur must be a conformist as well as an nonconformist. Charles Dickens opens the “Tale of Two Cities" as “The best of times and the worst of times" etc. Dickens was trying to say that life is not characterized by black and white. Life is characterized by patches of black at one extreme and patches of white at the other extreme with lots of grey in between. What seems logical to others may not make sense to the entrepreneur.

Ability to get along with people
An entrepreneur's character must include empathy, ability to relate to others, and the ability to construct business deals fairly. Driving a hard bargain is based on truth and straight dealing. An entrepreneur must be fair to all parties involved which enhances credibility, satisfaction and, in the long-run, minimizes misunderstanding and disputes.

He must have vision, the ability to see over the hill and must see the big picture. He must concentrate intensely on his goal and must have his eye on the ball. He must not permit himself to be distracted or deterred by any reason.

However, an entrepreneur must be discriminating, selective and have the good judgment to deviate from his course when appropriate. The entrepreneur must know when to quit but, at the same time let nothing deter his vision. Furthermore, when conditions change an entrepreneur must instinctively act”.

JZ learned his lessons early in life while helping his father in the linen store business starting from age 10. He learned from his father the business of life, the business to have a sense of good judgment and the value of the dollar.

Selective activation of muscles with eToims
A weekly series of movies follow the course of two patients undergoing selective activation of muscles using Electrical Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation (eToims) Twitch Relief Method.

The first patient JZ is 81 years old with chronic neck and lower back pain since age 31. He undergoes weekly eToims treatments since 1990.

The second patient Melissa is 19 years old with chronic lower back pain since age 13. She undergoes weekly eToims treatments since 2003. We will discuss her case another day. They relate their own stories about living and coping with chronic pain. You will see how they function and the progress that have been made since undergoing eToims sessions.

In the movie entitled JZ on entrepreneurs (enclosed below and also posted in the blogroll under Wednesdays with JZ movies), before eToims session, JZ has difficulty standing on one leg at a time.

Photos listed below will help you understand the video better. Before eToims, JZ stands on the left leg and JZ's hip drops on the right due to weakness of the left gluteus medius muscle. This is called the positive Trendelenburg sign.

Jennifer Chu, M. D. emeritus professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, pioneered eToims Twitch Relief Method that utilizes surface electrical stimulation to locate motor points (trigger points). The motor points are then stimulated to induce strong local muscle contractions, termed twitches. This results in reduced muscle pain and discomfort in the areas that were stimulated. The involved pain/discomfort-relieving mechanism is thought to include local muscle exercise and stretch effects. eToims Soft Tissue Comfort Center® specializes in diagnosis and treatment which ends muscle discomfort and pain.


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