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Is Laser For Hair Removal A Final Answer To Unwanted Hair?


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Laser for hair removal may indeed be the final answer to unwanted hair. Hair removal lasers work by selectively targeting the melanin pigment in your hair follicle, which destroys the hair follicle and prevents future hair growth. The lighter your hair, the more treatments you will need. Current laser hair removal doesn't work on white hair and is only slightly effective on very light blond or very light gray hair and fine, non-pigmented body hair.

Laser for hair removal is far superior to all other methods. Unlike electrolysis and waxing, it is relatively painless and because it targets more than one follicle at a time, it can be used on larger areas of skin like the back and chest. However, it is not recommended to use lasers for the eye area below the eyebrows due to the possibility of eye damage. Laser for hair removal usually has minimal side effects and these are no more than slight redness or irritation that quickly goes away.

Laser for hair removal only works when a hair is in the follicle. Not all of your follicles will simultaneously be in the optimum, growing stage during a laser session, so you will require several treatments. Depending on the area to be treated and the relative hairiness of the area, you will probably need at least five treatments to remove all your unwanted hair. If you are having your face treated, you will need periodic touch-ups for several months until all the follicles have been destroyed.

One major benefit of using laser for hair removal is that it is much faster and effective than electrolysis. For instance, a hair removal laser can treat as many as one hundred hairs or more with each pulse, and commonly pulses once or twice per second. Thus, a laser hair removal treatment of your back, which typically consists of a few thousand hair follicles, will usually take only an hour. On the other hand, electrolysis which can only remove hair at a rate of one hundred hairs per fifteen minutes, will most likely take years to destroy all the hair on your back. Laser for hair removal is definitely a good option for those who wish to make their excess hairs a distant memory!

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