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Truth be told, it would be very, very surprising if some person has never, ever have had to deal with the problem of acne. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world have to deal with acne everyday. Some people have very mild acne that can hardly be noticed, while others have a lot more severe case of acne. But what's possibly a lot more surprising is that even though such a large percentage of the population have had to endure acne from several centuries, there still is no commonly agreed cure for acne. And even what causes acne is still being hotly debated . . .

So What Actually Causes Acne ?

What seems to be agreed upon is that one of the main causes of acne may be a hormonal imbalance - a surge of excess male hormones in the body seems to be at least one of the many possible causes of acne.

That said, questions like “why a hormonal imbalance cause back acne not some other form of acne ? " are not yet very easy to answer. Hormonal imbalance may cause acne alright, but the body seems to somehow decide where acne should appear and this process is not very clearly understood.

But that definitely does not mean that there is no way to cure acne for good.

Acne Cures

Many people are coming around to believing that the liver plays a very key role in the prevention and control of acne. If your liver is performing at its peak efficiency, then chances are that you do not have acne. If, however, your liver is nowhere close to its peak performance and your diet contains a lot of processed foods, dairy and junk foods then you most possibly have acne.

To get rid of acne for good, you might want to restore your liver to its original health, quit junk foods and dairy products and eat lots of fresh fruits, raw vegetables and nuts - all preferably organic.

Curing Acne Scars

Curing acne is one thing, getting rid of acne scars is another. Acne scars are not very easy to get rid of. But that does not mean there is no hope. You might want to see Getting Rid of Acne Scars for more on this.

5 Great Tips To Easily Cure Acne and Have Clear, Smooth and Beautiful Skin


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