Alzheimer's Disease And the Baby Boomers


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The Baby Boomers generation defined a sociological group of individuals who protested, pronounced and declared their independence as a socially conscious, trend setting generation. The Baby Boomers have shared consciousness unlike any other generations. These individuals grew up watching “”The Mickey Mouse Club on TV. They also experienced the horror of the assassination of a President.

The Baby Boomer generation is defined as those individuals who were born between the years of 1946 through 1964. The Baby Boomers got their name because of the huge population explosion that was created at the end of World War II when the troops returned home to their wives and girlfriends.

The population boom and the Baby Boomer era officially ended in 1960 when the first birth control pill officially came on the market. The full impact of the birth control pill reached its zenith in 1964 when the population boom was official declared over.

The Baby Boomer generation lived through and contributed to some of the most decisive moments in the history of a nation. These same protestors have become a part of American History. Our two most recent presidents, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were born in this era.

The Baby Boomers were the protesters of the Vietnam War. These were the men and women who fought in the war. Also, they were the conscientious objectors who refused to fight in what they considered an unjust war. These were the hippies who spearheaded the “sit-ins”, the shutouts “smokeins" and walkouts of the 1960’s era.

The Baby Boomers defined the rebellious spirit of the 60’s. Some social scientist consider the “60"’s as the decade that changed world. These boomers were the motivators of this social consciousness. One sociologist declared “ There will never be a decade or group of individuals that have had such an enormous social impact on the world.

The Baby Boomers fought for freedom and equality. They fought for civil rights and women’s rights. They took up the cause for the gay rights movements as well as abortion rights. They smoked pot and hung out in Volkswagen buses. Now these same Baby Boomers face the biggest fight of their lives - Alzheimer’s disease.

A generation of movers and shakers is now headed toward the most ominous challenge of their lives. This challenge looms over them not because of lifestyle, race, creed or color but age. Age seems to be the one common factor among people who are most likely to be victims of Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer's disease is an ongoing threat for anyone over the age of 60 years of age. The last of the Baby Boomers will reach their 41st birthday this year. Alzheimer’s disease affects approximately 4.5 million people in the U. S.

Over time, Alzheimer's disease will gradually these eager retiring Baby Boomers into a vegetable who has no memory or ability to learn. These individuals who succumb to Alzheimer’s will not be able to talk, eat or even go to the bathroom without assistance.

For a generation of vibrant socially responsible individuals, Alzheimer’s disease represents the greatest threat to the well deserved retirement and long life that the Baby Boomers envision. There is no cure for Alzheimer's disease. Perhaps the Baby Boomers will be able to conquer this dreaded dictator.

Baby Boomers consider aging something that other people experience. This generation will not give up its vitality so easily. The Baby Boomers run marathons, eats healthy and are in over all better shape than their parents. Baby Boomers are also some of the wealthiest individuals. The Baby Boomer generation will not go “gently or quietly into that good night”. The overriding legacy of this generation is their optimism for their future. That optimism includes a future without Alzheimer's disease.

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Alzheimer's Disease – Accepting the Changes
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