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Genital Warts Treatment Tips


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The question ‘what is genital warts’ is coming back again and again as the disease simply doesn’t seem to go away. Among the most common *** transmitted diseases in the US and also outside, the spread of the disease remains unabated. Consider this data – the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is of the opinion that there are 6.2 million new genital warts infections every year. They also report that in excess of 20 million people in the US alone are infected with the problem. So the problem is not something that can be just shoved under the carpet – genital warts are assuming great proportions.

So what is genital warts? Also known as venereal warts or simply HPV, this is a disease that is caused by the human papillomavirus mostly in those who are between 17 and 33 years old.

Both men and women can be infected with genital warts. In fact, according to estimates, being a common infection of the female reproductive tract, genital warts affects as many as 50% of all adult females. And that’s a startling figure which is prompting an increasing number of people to inquire – what is genital warts? In some women, genital warts can even lead to cancerous and precancerous lesions of the uterine cervix.

Ladies have genital warts on the cervix, in the vagina, and also in the vulva. On the other hand, men have the disease in the penis, close to the anus, in the thigh, and even stuck between the *** and the scrotum.

It all starts with flesh or pink colored, moist and soft eruptions that appear on the skin. These eruptions crop up as small swellings that can be just one or two here and there, or even many spread all over the place. They sometimes look like a cauliflower. Normally spreading through *** contact with an affected person – straight, oral or anal, it can take just days for the swellings to appear or even months in some cases. While some people never get the warts even after repeated contact with an effected individual, others can get it after just one session. And this is where the disease becomes tricky. Another thing that makes genital warts extremely tricky is the fact that many people can have a HPV infection, but they will still never have the swellings. So the question – what is genital warts remain redundant to them, though they are very much in the scheme of things.

It can also so happen that someone is carrying the virus, but because of there being no symptom, the person never comes to know about it and thus never needs to know what genital warts is. But someone having *** contact with such a person sadly develops the rashes. This is a very sad situation indeed.

There are actually more than 100 different HPV virus types, and the good news is, most cannot cause any harm. But still about 30 carry a high or a low risk.

It’s always ‘better to be safe than sorry’. Having just one partner reduces the threat considerably, and this is a better option than having to ask the doctor – what genital warts is.

Jen Carter is team member and writes regularily about genital warts and other common conditions for


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