Weight Loss Is Very Important If You Have Diabetes


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If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, one of the most important things that you can do is manage your weight. Being overweight can affect your blood sugar levels dramatically since fat cells can become resistant to insulin, causing your blood sugar levels to rise. Losing just 10-20 pounds can make a huge impact on your diabetes. In fact, getting down to your recommended weight can get you off of diabetic medicine and allow you to live a healthier lifestyle.

You should never begin a weight loss diet on your own if you are a diabetic. Talk with your doctor and a diabetic educator. Set up an appointment to meet with a registered dietician. Losing weight on your own without the guidance of your doctor can be dangerous to a diabetic. Your diabetic medicines will probably need to be adjusted as you lose weight, so it is important to have your doctor involved.

Start by cutting back by 500 calories per day. This is safe for most diabetics and will promote weight loss. The ideal goal is cut back on carbohydrates, proteins and fats equally. Your diet should consist of 50%-55% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 10%-15% proteins.

Carbohydrates are very important in a diabetic diet. They have the biggest impact on blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates are broken down into sugars very early in the digestion process. It is important to get a refresher course on carbohydrates and how to measure them from the dietician.

Watch your blood sugar levels carefully when following a weight loss plan. You are at an increased risk for becoming hypoglycemic, especially if you are exercising and losing weight but haven't adjusted your diabetic medications. If you start to feel nauseated, sweating or have trouble concentrating, have your blood sugar level checked immediately. It is a good idea to always carry fruit juices or other snacks with you.

Different types of exercise affect your blood sugar levels in different ways. The aerobic exercises such as, running or anything that gets your heart rate up, will drop your blood sugar immediately. More strenuous exercise or weight lifting can drop your blood sugar hours later. It is important to plan accordingly for the type of exercising that you are doing. Over time this will not be a problem as you lose the weight and are able to reduce your diabetic medication or maybe stop it altogether.

Do plenty of research on the best diabetic weight loss plans. Talk with your doctor and keep him updated frequently of your progress. Make sure that you follow a weight loss plan that is approved by your dietician or diabetic educator. Weight loss in never easy and it is a special challenge for someone with diabetes. However, the benefits of losing the weight far outweigh the alternative of living the rest of your life with diabetes.

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