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Medical Facts - Amazing Facts About Your Sleep


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  • How many days can you work without having sleep? Well the record for longest duration without sleeping is of 18 days and 22 hours. This person reported aphasia, hallucination, blurred vision.

  • Nobody can surely say if somebody is sleeping or not. It is not possible without close medical observation. Sometimes people sleep and their eyes remain open. This usually happens when they take a nap. People, sometime, do not even realize that they have slept.

  • Rapid eye movement starts generally after 90 minutes of sleep. This state remains up to 2 hours total.

  • Rapid eye movement does not guaranty that we are seeing a dream. Dream can be seen even in the absence of rapid eye movement.

  • Rapid eye movements dreams are influenced by bizarre plots. But the dreams that do not have REM sessions, are influenced by our daily life. For example, if we leave some important work and sleep, we are likely to get a dream about it.

  • We still do not know if animals also dream or not.

  • In 1998, a theory was given. The shone at the back of knee can reset the human sleep wake clock. No scientist, till now, is able to explain reason behind it.

  • Women need an hour extra sleep more than men. And if they do not get the required amount of the sleep, they are likely to get into depression more than men.

  • Whatever we know about our sleeps till now, is due to research of past 25 years.

    These were some of the amazing facts we gathered about human sleep.

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    Sleep Disorders in Women - Know the Facts
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