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Medical Facts - Amazing Facts About Your Body


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Do you know your body well? If not you will surely enjoy knowing these facts about your body.

When you read the first line of my article, 50,000 cells in your body had died and were replaced too.

The work done by your heart in an hour is enough to produce energy that can lift 1 ton weight, off the ground.

Your liver performs 500 jobs that are known to us. There are still so many scientists do not even know.

Whale, dog, men and birds have the same hands structure.

You blink your eyes approximately 25 times in a minute.

Your stomach keeps producing mucus every two weeks or else your stomach will digest itself.

Your right lung is always bigger than left lung. By doing so your left lung provides space to your heart.

You need 17 muscles in order to show a sweet smile on your face.

Your tongue print is unique. So the way your ears are. They are unique, just like your finger prints.

For one minute kiss, you need 26 calories.

Sneeze comes out of your mouth at 100 miles per hour.

No matter how old are you, your ears and nose always keep growing.

Every part of your body but Tooth can repair itself.

Our body has almost every chemical inside us. You can create even any drug inside your body.

Our body is great, amazing. It keeps recreating itself constantly, every second, every hour. It never stops. For example, we keep changing our skip.

These were some amazing facts about our body. Hope you liked it.

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