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Sometimes it’s not too much acid in the stomach that causes acid reflux or heartburn, but too little acid. It is caused by an irritation of the walls of the esophagus after you eat or drink something. Using too many antacids could lower the acidity, meaning that the stomach could lose its capability to protect your body from bacterial infection. Having a bacterial infection means that there is a possibility that you could get ulcers too.

Acid reflux can be caused by many things, the food you eat and the way you eat is a big part of acid reflux, but another big problem is smoking. It is the chemicals from cigarettes that relax muscle of the sphincter and also increases the production of your saliva. Smoking slows down the process of your digestive system and also stimulates your stomach acid.

One way to cure your acid reflux is by sleeping on an incline, that way you are using gravity to prevent the acids from your stomach coming back up into your throat which will protect the esophagus form acids that could be dangerous. There is a pillow that could help with acid reflux, it is made from memory foam and it is designed to give you the relief you need and the most comfortable night’s rest. There are also a few tips that could help reduce or maybe even eliminate acid reflux. You should eat as much fiber foods as possible, eating your food slowly and in small amounts. You also should not lie down for at least two hours after you have eaten. Being overweight will worsen the problem, so it is advised for you to shed those extra kilos if you are carrying any. If you were tight clothing that could be part of the problem because it puts added pressure on your stomach so wearing loose clothing could help. And most of all, avoid chocolate, coffee, peppermint, citrus, tobacco, tomato and alcohol.

Avoiding those foods and drinks will help you. Once the acid reflux has calmed down a bit you may start adding these foods back into your diet one by one. Acid reflux can happen to anyone, male or female of all ages. Women often get it when they are pregnant. A lot babies and young children also suffer from this disease, a baby would get it because they bring up what the drink frequently. A child should see a doctor if they are infected with acid reflux, so that they can get the medication they need.

If you aren’t sure if you have acid reflux or not, here are the symptoms to look out for: A paining throat and discomfort when swallowing, uncomfortable hoarseness and a bitter or sour taste of food coming back up. It is also possible to put a slanted pillow under an infants head or mattress in the cot to keep their head up so that the food and drink will stay down, preventing acid reflux from bugging them.

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