Possible Complications After Breast Reduction


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Breast reduction, like any other surgical procedures, is likely to have possible complications and problems. Although serious breast reduction complications are a rare occurrence, no surgeon can guarantee a breast reduction without problems. In addition to specific breast reduction risks, possible complications after a breast surgery include nipple loss, change in nipple sensation, skin loss or abnormal scarring.

Nipple loss

It is possible for the tissue of a nipple to die, partially or completely, the latter being an uncommon but serious complication of breast reduction. If complete nipple loss occurs, it is possible to reconstruct a nipple from local breast skin or from a graft skin taken from the upper, inner thigh. Nipple reconstruction is usually delayed until six months after the original operation, during which time an adhesive artificial nipple can be worn if desired.

Change in nipple sensation

Although some women experience increased nipple sensation after breast reduction, some loss of sensation can occur and may be permanent.

Skin loss

It is quite common for the skin at the junction of the two scars on the breast to be slow to heal. It is unlikely that infection will lead to skin loss, which requires further surgery and results in increased scarring.


Another common breast reduction complications involve infections and delayed healing. The risk of infections can be minimized by washing the breast area, especially the incision sites, with antibacterial soap. In the event of an infection, a patient should immeditately consult the surgeon for medical advice.

Abnormal scarring

Vertical scars can stretch, both in width and length, but they usually fade in time without the need for additional treatment, although they never disappear. However, pronounced scars can develop after breast reduction, usually under the breast, and the operation is therefore sometimes performed through a single vertical incision to reduce scarring.

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