Do You Know What Crohn's Disease Is?


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There are many times when Crohn’s disease is mistaken for other conditions, and this is because the symptoms tend to mimic other common types of less severe irritable bowel disorders. There are many people who suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but sometimes people are misdiagnosed with IBS when they really have Crohn’s. They don’t know until things get worse and there seems to be no end in sight to the troublesome symptoms.

Crohn’s disease can be genetic, but the underlying cause has not been established, and neither has a cure been found. You can manage the symptoms, but that is about the best you can do at this time.

Crohn’s disease is inflammation along the intestinal tract. Some of the common symptoms of Crohn’s are vomiting, cramping, diarrhea, pain in the abdomen, bleeding from the rectum, and weight loss. There can also be other related problems like psoriasis or problems with other systems of the body. There are times when this chronic condition can go into remission, and a person with Crohn’s can feel really good during these times. However, remission never lasts for a lifetime, and a patient can expect to have many flare ups. Some of these can be very serious in nature.

Medications can often be used to help with the inflammation that comes with Crohn’s. This is where most troubles begin. Medicine will not cure Crohn’s, but it can lessen many of the symptoms. Some find that when blockage of the intestines occurs, or bleeding from the rectum begins, there may be a need for surgery. In some cases, the rectum and the colon must be removed, but doctors will do all they can to avoid this, as it tends to diminish the quality of life.

There are other things that might help with the symptoms of Crohn’s. There are advocates of following special crohn’s diets such as the Specific Carb Diet. This can help relieve the symptoms caused by foods. This means a patient must give up a lot of different foods, but they may find it to be worth it if it works.

Some like to turn to herbal remedies, and different types of stress relief. Though stress is not a cause, it can make symptoms flare up in some patients. Others like to try acupuncture through the traditional means of needles, or by a chiropractor using pressure on specific points on the body.

One of the most crucial things a person with Crohn’s has to know is that they need to follow what their doctor says. It is very important that patient and doctor have an open relationship so that a good course of treatment can be found.

Crohn’s disease is tricky, and no two people will have the same outcome, and the same symptoms. Treatment will be different for everyone, and how each person feels each day will vary. Many patients can have great periods of remission, and many learn to control some aspects of the disease, and can have a great quality of life. It might take some time, but it is possible.

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