Fitness And Health In The Corporate World


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Many businesses have begun to understand that investing in the health and fitness of their employees is a wise move. They are also beginning to realize the effects that it has on their bottom lines. Because of this they have begun to teach their employees the concepts and practices of overall fitness and health.

Teaching employees good health and safety principles and practices will not only give them an edge on success but also reductions in healthcare payouts for their employees in sick days. The benefit of health and fitness education for employees is two fold. The employee will gain lower levels of stress, an increase level of self esteem and improved physical fitness with increased stamina. The employer gains employee productivity increases, decreased rates of illness, and develops employee leadership skills. There is one other benefactor in this whole process…the community. The community will become or stay a competitive player in the market place.

Today companies look to including worksite health care facilities or health and wellness programs to help them to alleviate their profit margin. This has proven a successful investment with the return being healthier longer working employees, less turnover, and protection of the most important asset in any company, which is the employees. Employers want to keep the people who can do their job as good as possible, and these people need to have healthy minds and bodies to be able to get everything done. While everyone should take initiative on their own to stay healthy, unfortunately many people don’t.

When your employees get wrapped up in the day to day life of work, children, and other chores and tasks they forget to take time for fitness and health care concerns themselves. An employer who handles reminders and consultations of health related information is an employer that quality employees will want to work for and stay with for a very long time.

As we all age physical and mental fitness is sometimes taken for granted and before we know it there is a problem that possibly could have been rectified in a proactive manner instead of a reactive manner. Using a proactive approach could prevent loss of income of the employer and the employee and family if handled with care and respect for the wishes of both parties. Encouraging employees to live a healthier lifestyle outside of work is a behavior that will transfer into the workplace and make for a good or better environment for all concerned.

Some companies have bought into this idea by including memberships to gyms as incentive bonuses, or even as new hire bonuses. They are using fitness and health as a motivating factor to get promotions and raises. So if you are a company, large, small, or otherwise, it will be to your benefit to incorporate a health and fitness education plan. Maybe a health and fitness program, or incentive for your employees to better care for them and your bottom line in business is the answer. Find a plan that fits your company needs and watch out for your return on your investment. Even if it does not improve your bottom line noticeably, it is still a good idea to keep the plan around for general morale and well-being in your business.

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