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Soul Sciences - Its Mysterious Philosophy And Worship Method


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Within the peel of an onion lies another peel. Within the second peel is a third one. In the same way if banana leaves are removed they come out one after another. The smallest unit of matter is an atom yet although the atom appears single it is not so in actuality. Because within it there is a nucleus and there are neutrons, protons and revolving electrons.

The solar system is a circumference but within its limits revolve 9 planets and 43 satellites around their axis. The atom too is like a solar system. Within it is activity akin to the solar system. If a pile of mud is kicked a little bit of mud gets scattered but if the nucleus of an atom is attacked the energy that it emits can bury one huge mountain.

So it is clear that the more gross substances are made subtle, the more powerful they become. There are millions of living cells in our body and the genes that are hidden in every cell have a prototype of one single creature. In this manner within a human body, like the cosmic world, millions of creatures dwell in it. Amongst them only one of them has a chance to enter the mother’s womb during *** union. Thus one embryo is formed which starts the creation of its separate body and bodily energy. In 9 months the embryo matures and roams in the world after coming out of its mother’s womb.

Within this newborn babe one finds bodily and mental qualities of its parents, grandparents and scores of ancestors. These special qualities in the form of Vibhutis (divine glories) are so subtle that despite the subtle-most disintegration of genes and the life vital force, one cannot understand contemporary circumstances. The situation manifests when the child grows up and gives us a clear indication of its special qualities. This means that those special qualities known when the child grows up is not known in its immature state. By only analyzing the child we cannot know its ancestral nature. Only on its face and skin is there some perceived idea. Subtleness for a long time is maintained in the immature stage and when it starts maturing it gives us an indication of its state and existence.

There is such a big prelude of the subtle in the subtle that the example of the onion peel within an onion peel and the leaves of banana, appear to be very ironic.

If a pile of seeds of different tree varieties are gathered a very minor difference is perceived as far as its color, weight, form etc. is concerned but when the seeds are sown, major differences are perceived right from the shoots, leaves, branches, flowers, fruits etc. There is an obvious difference between mature full grown trees. There is so much difference as far as the shape of flowers, its fragrance and taste of fruits is concerned. Hence all these can be classified differently. This difference is extraordinary. Its differences are veiled in the seed stage and hence cannot be seen in that stage.

The ordinary shapes of the sheaths of the human body are virtually identical but within there are so many mysteries that one is amazed on getting corresponding information about them. The material scientist is researching into only the gross aspect of this analysis unlike spiritual seers.

The anatomists to some extent have studied the eugenics of the different movements of bodily sheaths and how they carry out their different functions. On its basis they carry out medical investigations and surgery. And they also measure the potential and possibilities of the life force of a human being.

But one should deeply look into the fact that the human embryo is not made up of matter only. It is not merely an admixture of chemicals. Because one important aspect of it is consciousness and it is called human electricity. In spiritual parlance it is called Prana or vital force. By itself vital force is one yet because it targets various organs it is named variedly. In the head it functions as faith, hope, habit, thought etc. Its management and analysis is made in the form of mind, intellect and psyche. This very principle, in the organs of knowledge takes the form of shape, taste, smell, touch and sound. In other organs of the body it works digestion, emission, bodily might etc. Through the genitals it tastes *** passion and thus procreates. The fibers and tendons of every muscle have their own specific function and nature. Both power and wisdom are interwoven in it.

After knowing and understanding the inert and conscious form of the body one concludes that just as the entire tree is potentially found in the seed, so too the entire cosmic principle i. e. the macro is inherent in the body i. e. the micro. We may be able to see only the present form of the cosmos and the body yet the past and future are firmly conjoined to it. The body is like a mirror. If we can fathom its subtle mysterious depth we can only be amazed on understanding and seeing that where, how and to what extent this cosmic pervasive matter and conscious principle is conjoined to the human body.

In reality the small body of a human being is filled up with so many things that one can only say that in comparison to all divine powers put together, man alone is most powerful. But the only problem is that this storehouse of divine energy is in a latent state. In order to experience these powers man needs to undergo intense austerities. If these penances are not carried out these powers will always remain latent and thus he will be incapable of carrying out any higher activity apart from those mundane ones that can be carried out by beasts too. Hence in order to excel spiritually one should follow the path of spiritual penance.

On subtly analyzing bodily sciences one finds all divine glories embedded in every human being. By activating these divine potentialities one can obtain Divine Powers (Sidhis). In the subtle body the 6 Chakras are well-known. They are 1) Mooladhar 2) Svadhishthan 3) Manipur 4) Anahat 5) Vishudhi 6) Ajna. All these are within our body but at a subtle level. Over here the head region is overlooked. Within the scalp is the Sahasrar (1000-petalled lotus) Kamal. If you add this then there are 7 Chakras. Thus you are introduced to the grandeur, i. e. 7 subtle pilgrim spots for pious endeavor in the subtle world. The only requirement is the activation of these subtle Chakras. When the embryo is nourished in the mother’s womb it grows up as a baby and is born later. If a seed is locked up in a room it will not sprout. Only when it is given water, sun and fertile land will it grow into a tree that first bears flowers and then luscious fruits.

The Merudand (subtle spinal cord) is called the royal pathway. It is also called the Devyaan Marg that takes us to heaven from earth. Within this journey are 7 Lokas (subtle worlds). The 7 Lokas in between God and the individual soul are spots of rest. To cover large number of miles during one’s journey, rest is a must. Hence on the way there are rest-houses. A train stops at many stations on the way to replenish the train with coal, water etc. These resting spots of the bodily energy are the 6 Chakras. The Chakras are depicted in 2 ways, one as obstructions and the other as benefactors. In the Mahabharat is the story of a Chakravyuh (an array of soldiers in a complexly designed square or a circle). Abhimanyu was trapped in it. Because he did not know how to come out of it he died. In a Chakravyuh there are 7 ramparts of a fort. Symbolically this incident can be taken as an individual soul being trapped in the 7 Chakras of the body. The Chakras are also said to be the 4 walls of the palace in the form of material attachments, delusions and distortions. Hence a method is given so as to overcome it. There is a story in the Bhagwat Mahatmya with reference to Dhundhukari’s ghost tearing the 7 knots of a bamboo within 7 days so as to become a divinely embodied being. Symbolically this is the journey from one Chakra to the next one.

In spiritual practices the individual has no power of his own. The only special thing is that he is working hard to awaken his latent divine powers. Here one’s own energy is very little and if the austerities are very ordinary it cannot achieve much. An animal instructor of a circus takes only those animals in his troupe whom he thinks are shrewd. All spiritual practices are artistic. It flowers on the foundation stone of devotional sensitivity. Hence a man entering the path of spirituality has to master the viewpoint of his devotional emotions. Also he has to purify and focus his thinking and character. This is the primary condition which must be fulfilled.

Which spiritual practice should be carried out for what time span? The answer is not the same for everyone. Because it depends on each individual’s mental state. If the personality of any individual overflows with soul force, he very quickly, without much effort attains great spiritual benefits. But those pious actions that give all these activities tend to be used up too. This divine power is used for raising the fallen ones, decreasing sorrow, saving those who are drowning and helping all to climb up the ladder of a material life rooted in spiritual values. Instead of austerities one’s pious deeds increase. Thus the balance is maintained and a Yogi / spiritual aspirant leads a pious Sattvic life. His attitude is heavenly and behavior is like one who is spiritually liberated in this very life (Jeevan Mukti). The soul is realized as soul glory and continuously with the help of divine insight he beholds the Lord in every particle of the cosmos. This is the very state as a result of which a person is called supreme amongst men and thus becomes God himself.

But if one’s thoughts and character are not pure, if there is vileness in it and if such a person obtains divine powers, he becomes demonic and arrogant. He carries out such vile actions that he can only be labeled a demon. If wealth, might, grandeur, power are not utilized properly it can lead to a person’s downfall. When grapes deteriorate they are converted to wine. In the same way even if you attain divine powers and if the same is not utilized for pious activities the only alternative remains is that it will be utilized for destructive purposes. If spirituality does not follow the Dakshin Marg (pious path) it will lead to one’s downfall. Vile actions by Tantric Aghoris, Kapaliks etc.become demonic like Maran (killing people with Mantra chanting), Mohan Vashikaran (hypnotism) and Ucchatan (distracting a person’s mind by incantation). Demons generally are the attacking types and kidnap innocent people. Examples of such demons are Vritrasur, Hiranyakashipu, Mahisasur, Kansa, Ravan etc. Their family members like Khar-Dooshan, Kumbhkaran, Meghnad, Hiranyaksha, Jarasandh and Raktabeej too behaved demonically. The demons harassed the demigods. They looted the wealth of the demigods and drank the blood of the Rishis. They just harassed their subjects and for a little bit of selfish gain they performed many vile actions.

There are 2 classes of demons. One class is unruly, attacking and of the terrorist type. The other class uses deception, cunningness, illusory black magic power etc. The attacking demons show off their daring and the black magic demons praise their art of deception. The attacking demons are looked down upon openly but the black magic demons are hidden behind the veil of facades. In fact the shrewd demons behave like saints externally. One such example is Kalnemi. Although he was a family member of Ravan he never attacked anybody externally. Instead he would induce the intellect of others via black magic to perform vile actions. Such people could not only fail to ward off a downfall but that they would drown deeper into the quagmire of lowly deeds.

One may gather divine powers but if they are not used for pious deeds (like Kalnemi) one will carry out subtle demonic activities. In it there is no fear of being defamed in spite of terrorist activities because under the pretext of being saintly externally one escapes defamation albeit for a certain span of time. Hence modern demonic behavior in the field of Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) is available in the bazaar under the “trademark”of Kalnemi and is sold as basketfuls within minutes.

True soul power can only be generated if one is on the sacred path of righteousness. In it lies the well-being of all individuals and thus the entire world. The true philosophy of soul science is that although one carries out spiritual austerities whatever divine power manifests in the form of Sidhis must be used only for righteous purposes and world welfare.

Grossly one should understand that circumstances influence the state of our devotional sentiments. We are influenced by all that takes place in the external world. But the ideology of Spiritual Science has delved more deep into this and it says that the individual consciousness influences nearby and far off worldly situations. Man is the author of his own destiny, but the fact is this that in an advanced spiritual state he is the director of cosmic activities too. Regarding this it can definitely be understood that one can cast the equipments related to the inner and outer areas according to one’s psyche. In a very advanced spiritual state such a person can even direct cosmic movements. This is called extrasensory power or ESP. This is the Super Mind state which is ordinarily present in all beings but in a latent inactive state. How can it be activated? How can it be empowered? And how can it be utilized for various tasks? This is called Soul Science. It is also called Brahmavidya. Kundalini practice is executed so as to activate our soul force.

In a forest near Lakshadweep dwelt 4 sages. For begging alms they crossed the ocean waters and gave spiritual discourses to the householders. One among the 4 sages was very shrewd. He had learnt how to walk on water by pasting his feet with some potent herbs. The other 3 sages swam in water but this shrewd sage would walk on it. People who saw the latter sage thought him to be a realized saint. Hence people would listen to his talks only and gave him costly presents.

Slowly the secret was divulged. The shrewd devotees insisted that they would wash the feet on the 4 sages with hot water. Thus the herbal paste on the so called “great” saint was wiped off. He did not know how to swim. Hence out of shame he left he group of sages and ran away. Moral: Facades never last long however shrewd.

AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya: founder of the International Gayatri Family: was a great Yogi: seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e-books visit: (GOOGLE PR 4) and (Google 5) KEYWORDS: Kundalini Yoga Gayatri e-books biography Guru world peace mind psyche god nerve subtle consciousness soul divine trance endocrine glands ESP Chakras plexus meditation concentration intellect prophecy thought thinking Cheiro Nostradamus Aurobindo bliss brain Vedas solar sun energy sacred pure sense organs Prana Avatar Upanishad light cell hypothalamus pituitary transformation futurist prediction serpent power life human ethics integrity character vagus Tantra Mooladhar atom neutron proton DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Future Scientific Religion: Gayatri Science & Kundalini Yoga correlated to Neurosciences-ESP, Psychology for world peace.


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