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Current therapy for pneumonia


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There are more clinical types of Pneumonia and each of them is cured according to the path gnomonic mechanism which is responsible for its apparition. If the pneumonia case is caused by bacteria, less severe cases are cured with oral medication administered at home and more dangerous conditions are usually treated in hospitals by intravenous antibiotics if complications like other diseases or breathing difficulties are associated. In case of viral pneumonias, there is no actual treatment but medication for relieving the signs and symptoms of the infection are required.

The doctor’s choice for your particular treatment depends on different clinical expertise and on a possible resistance to certain types of antibiotics. All cases of pulmonary conditions are diagnosed after a complete registration of medical history, physical examination, chest X-ray and further laboratory testing of samples of your sputum, urine and blood tissue. Before the exact cause of your pneumonia is known, a symptomatic therapy is required; when the doctor has determined whether a virus, fungi or bacteria is responsible for your illness, he will prescribe you the specific medication in your case.

The most common therapy for previous healthy patients with no earlier antibiotic cures or with no ant biotherapy in the last three months usually consists out of the following medication:
1. Macrolids, such as Doxycycline, Clarythromicyne, Azythromicin or Erythromycin.
2. Fluorochinolones like Levofloxacin, gatifloxacin or Moxifloxacin
3. A Macrolide combined with Amoxicillin
4. A Macrolide combined with Augumentin

The therapeutic schema of patients with other associated conditions such as diabetes, cancer or heart failure, differ from case to case:
1. Macrolides like Azithromycin or Claritromycin
2. Fluoroquinolones like Levofloxacin, gatifloxacin or Moxifloxacin
3. A Macrolide combined with Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Cefpodoxime, Cefprozil or Cefuroxime.

In more severe pneumonia cases requiring hospitalization, the patients will be administered intravenous antibiotics and associated oxygen-therapy for assisting the difficult breathing. The most common type of pneumonia is caused by the bacterium called Streptococcus Pneumoniae and can be usually cured in 5-10 days of ant biotherapy. The remission period of the infection may be prolonged if pneumonia is caused by more aggressive bacteria like Pseudomonas or Legionella, by fungi or if the recovery is compromised by other medical conditions.

It is always important to take the complete medication prescribed by the physician and not only until symptoms disappear. Otherwise, it is possible that the blamed bacteria will get resistant to the antibiotic and cause more severe reoccurrence in the future; in this case the infectious germ will no longer respond to the previous antibiotic administered and the cure will be hardened.

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