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General Discussion About Body Ringworm


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Ringworm is an infection caused by microscopic organisms called dermatophytes. Also called tinea corporis, ringworm is a fungal infection that may occur at anyone at any time. Studies say that more than 20 percent of the people develop ringworm. This is a high rate of infection proving that ringworm is a common problem. The proper climate for developing ringworm is the warm and humid climate. Also if anyone gets in contact with an infected person or animal the risk of developing ringworm is higher. Another cause might be a weak immune system.

The causes for ringworm on body are about the same with the causes that lead to all types of ringworm. Touching an infected human or animal will lead, in most of the cases to body ringworm. Is not necessary to be direct contact, in some cases an indirect contact may be enough to get infected. The indirect contact consists of touching objects or clothes that got in touch with an infected person or animal. In few cases the ringworm might be caused by touching the soil.

Initially appearing as a pimple the ringworm expands quickly. Its center becomes clear after a few days and a red ring will be visible. This sore may contain scales, crust or fluid-filled areas. These lesions are itchy and painful and each one is less than 5 cm across. The sores may occur alone or in groups but not more than 4.

The body ringworm does not include the scalp ringworm, the groin ringworm, the hands or feet ringworm. Body ringworm refers to lesions found on the trunk, leg and arms, neck and face.

In most of the cases ringworm is not a problem that may lead to complications. It should be treated with antifungal medicine and only if in one week no results are seen, a doctor should be called. The possible complications that might need hospitalization are fever, increasing pain, swelling, drainage or redness.

Doctors are able to figure without a close exam if it is ringworm or not. Although in some cases where ringworm is not obvious a microscope check is the solution.

In most of the cases ringworm goes away without treatment but sometimes antifungal medication is needed. The treatment must be used at least two weeks and at least one week after the disappearance of the ringworm. Treatment includes creams that contain miconazole and clotrimazole.

Proper body hygiene is necessary in order to avoid as much as possible the body ringworm. For not infecting the others contact sports are not recommended until the lesion have been treated for at least 2 days.

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What Are The Most Common Ringworm Symptoms and Causes?
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