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I Have Recently Lost A Lot Of Weight, Can I Tone Up My Saggy Thighs And Look Sexy?

Heather Picken

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I have lost 86lbs and look lots better but need to lose a few more pounds. Can I get my body looking toned and sexy again and get rid of my saggy thighs?


If you are someone that has lost a lot of weight this will depend on a couple of things. The elasticity of your skin and if you lost the weight too quickly.

I have to tell you about a woman named “Kelly" who had this problem. Before she came to me she had lost about 100lbs. but unfortunately it was in a very short time. She fasted on shakes and pills and didn't do any type of weight training.

If kills me to think that women will go this route when it always ends negatively.

She started with me and I put her on a muscle sculpting program with both heavy weights and the right nutrition program. She ended up with some nice lean muscle, but due to her quick weight loss and the elasticity of her skin she still had some loose skin. She ended up getting surgery to get the loose skin cut off, which cost her about $10,000.

If you have saggy thighs and if you start weight training it will help. Also, having the right amount of calories, too little calories will not build muscle and won't be able to firm up any saggy thighs.

My point is if you're looking for a quick fix it will never work and will always backfire at the end. If you have a lot of weight to lose I suggest doing it the safe and full proof way!

Heather Picken, helps women 30+ all over the world with the surest and fastest way to lose unwanted body fat & inches. She is the creator of the revolutionary fat-burning system “6-Week Fat-Burning & Instant Motivational System" ( )


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Lose Weight Around Your Thighs
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