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How To Stay Motivated With Your Weight Loss Diet


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You would probably just smile if I asked you how many times you've started dieting and how many times you've stopped. Let's look at some ways that could help you stick with your diet.

To stick with a diet you must always keep an eye on yourself. Dieting is no different than any other goals. You will not accomplish those goals if you do not keep track of the things you do and your progress against your goals.

The best way to do this is to keep a journal where you log the things that you eat and keep track of the calories that you take in. In your journal you could also make notes of your emotional state on each day of your diet. This will help you determine if certain foods have an impact on your emotional state. For example, looking back through your journal you could discover a link between those days where you felt down in the dumps and the things that you ate that day.

A diet is only effective if you are consistent with the diet. Your aim should be to follow your diet every single day until it has become part of your natural daily habits.

A very effective way to make a diet stick is to have something visual that reminds you of your ultimate weight loss goals.

This could be as simple as putting that bikini, which currently is two sizes too small for you, in a place where you can see it every day. Next to it, you could put a calendar with your vacation time clearly marked on it.

You could also put a little note inside a plastic bag and put this inside the ice cream tub in the freezer. This note would read, “Do you really need this?"

It is also a good idea to put little victory stickers on your refrigerator. Congratulate yourself with every small victory that you accomplish.

Now, nobody is perfect. You are bound to make mistakes in your dieting and weight loss effort. Don't be too hard on yourself.

The most important thing when you make a mistake is to understand why you made the mistake and what you need to do to prevent yourself from making the same mistake in the future.

People say patience is a virtue, but with dieting and weight loss patience is more than a virtue, it is an absolutely essential part of the diet.

Exercise patience, keep track of your progress, celebrate your victories, and constantly remind yourself of your goals and you will have success with your weight loss diet.

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