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Beware Your Car Is Making You Fat


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It is safe to say that we are living in a world with a driving culture. Driving is good for many things, but it is not necessarily good for your health or for your weight. Let us examine how our cars are making us fat.

One of the primary ingredients for maintaining a healthy weight is a good dose of exercise.

If you combine a moderate level of exercise with a sensible food intake you will burn fat as opposed to accumulate fat and you will maintain a healthy weight or lose weight to a healthy level.

Our cars and our addiction to driving are definitely not helping us in our Battle of the Bulge.

We jump in our cars to drive down to the convenience store that, oh by the way, is only one or two blocks away from home. Don't mention that we did that to buy the low fat yogurt, because we are on a diet.

We do the drive-through at the coffee shop to buy the coffee without sugar, because we heard that sugar is bad for our weight.

This one takes the cake. We jump in our cars to drive to the gym so that we can walk on the treadmill or sweat in the aerobics class.

Are you starting to see the problem?

Walking is a fantastic exercise to raise your heartbeat to a fat burn level. The best fat burn level for your body is where your heartbeat and breathing are at a level where you can still carry on with a normal conversation.

Next time you grab the car keys to run an errand, pause for a second and ask yourself if you really need to drive.

You might surprise yourself with how many times the answer to that question would be no.

You might also surprise yourself with how good you will feel and how much weight you will lose by replacing unnecessary driving with good old-fashioned walking.

Tisha Diaz recommends this fat loss and weight control program that will help you get rid of those excess pounds and make you slim and trim


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