The Diabetes Diet - Sugar Free Doesn't Mean Your Diabetes Diet Has To Be Boring


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Those who are newly diagnosed with diabetes tend to think the condition marks the end of their ability to enjoy food. In reality, this is the furthest thing from the truth. A good diabetes diet doesn't have to be short on flavor, but it does need to be high on common sense.

Since a diabetic has trouble either producing insulin or processing it, a regulation of sugar intake will be necessary. While processed white sugars will likely be “out, ” or should be most of the time, there are ways to sweeten the deal and enjoy a pretty good tasting diabetes diet.

The key components in a good diabetes diet are portion control, balanced food items and common sense. While most foods can still be enjoyed as part of a diabetic diet, they must be eaten in moderation and in conjunction with blood sugar testing to help regulate insulin intake or food intake.

The ins and outs of a diabetes diet in conjunction with blood sugar control can be difficult to explain, but there are some common foods most diabetics can enjoy. The choices are pretty much the same as the rest of the population, but some slight alterations might need to be made.

In general, a good diabetes diet will be rich in these types of foods:

* Vegetables. Pretty much any type of vegetable goes and can be eaten in abundance in a diabetes diet. Just watch out for starchy vegetables, such as potatoes, as they tend to break down into sugar rather quickly and can actually cause some problems.

* Lean meats. Proteins are almost never a bad choice in a diabetes diet. It’s just a question of enjoying them without thick, sugary glazes.

* Whole grains. A diabetes diet doesn't mean the end of eating breads, rice and so on. What it does mean is a need to choose healthier options and control the portions.

* Fruits. Not all fruits are recommended in a diabetes diet, but in moderation, these can still be enjoyed.

* Dairy. Dairy products don't need to be completely cut out of a diabetes diet either, it will just be necessary to regulate intake and make smarter choices about them. A tablespoon of frozen yogurt instead of a whole banana split, for example, or low-fat, skim milk instead of whole.

A diabetes diet can be a tricky thing to get used to, but it is not a death sentence for great flavors. The key is learning how to eat frequent, small meals in conjunction with performing blood sugar testing to ensure intake doesn't outpace insulin.

Have you just been diagnosed with diabetes or know of someone who has? Don't worry. Life doesn't have to become boring and nor does your choice of food. For more information on choosing a healthy, nutrition balanced diabetes diet and for more advice, tips and resources to help you better understand diabetes, visit right now. You never know. Like 6 million plus other people, you might just discover why you've been feeling under the weather lately.


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