Alcohol Cravings - Discover How Kudzu Can Reduce Them

Stewart Hare

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In this article you will discover:

  • What kudzu is
  • How kudzu can help reduce your alcohol cravings
  • How much kudzu to take to reduce your alcohol cravings
What Is Kudzu?

Do you have a problem with alcohol?

Do you want to stop but find the alcohol cravings too strong?

Well, there is an herb called kudzu which is known to help decrease alcohol cravings dramatically.

The Kudzu root has been traditionally used in Chinese cooking as a thickener in stews and soups, so it is quiet safe to consume.

Kudzu has similar compounds to soya. It contains the beneficial health properties formononetin and daidzein.

How Does Kudzu Help Reduce Your Alcohol Cravings?

The beneficial health properties of kudzu have been known to the Chinese for thousands of years, especially for alcohol related problems.

Kudzu extracts can:

  • Dramatically reduce your alcohol cravings
  • Help to sober you up
  • Help to inhibit your alcohol consumption
Tests have indicated that the daidzein could be the compound which helps to reduce your alcohol cravings. How Much Kudzu Do You Need To Take To Reduce Your Alcohol Cravings?

Kudzu is quiet safe to take. If you take 150mg of kudzu in supplement form, three times a day with your meal, it may well help to reduce your alcohol cravings.

So, to sum up…

Kudzu is a safe herb whose root is used in Chinese cooking.

It is known that the extracts of kudzu can reduce alcohol cravings dramatically.

So, if you are suffering from alcohol cravings and want to reduce them, taking kudzu in a supplement form with your meal would be a safe way to help reduce your alcohol cravings.

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