How Important Is It To Observe And Listen To Your Aging Skin

Emma Sanford

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It seems like we put more stress on our skin all the time. After all, it is the largest organ of your body. Don’t get confused, the liver is the largest organ in the body.

From the pollutants in the air all around our skin, to not getting enough water, exposing it to too much sun or too many extremes in temperature, it's no wonder our skin is looking a little ragged and premature aged. It is trying to tell us something and its “ok” to listen.

Geranium therapeutic-grade essential oil is wonderful for the skin. It is particularly useful for toning, opening up the pores to release impurities and clearing up oily skin. It can also be helpful for dry skin and for clarifying any skin problems.

In addition to its clarifying properties, the scent of therapeutic-grade essential geranium oil is quite uplifting and refreshing. The scent of the oil is similar to that of roses and is prized by perfume makers and others for that sweet, floral scent.

10 Tips On Self Healing With Geranium Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil.

  • The oil is said to help people release negative memories and help balance the mind and the emotions.
  • It is said to be good for the managing stress and discomfort associated with PMS, as well as mild anxiety and depression.
  • It may also be helpful for balancing the symptoms of menopause.
  • When added to a shampoo, therapeutic-grade geranium essential oil is said to be helpful for getting rid of head lice.
  • It is also thought to be an insect repellant and is useful for this purpose when added to a lotion, body scurbs, bath salts, or your favorite cream.
  • Therapeutic-grade essential geranium oil can be used aromatically, topically or internally.
  • Dilution is recommended for both topical and dietary use, though it is generally thought to be non-irritating.
  • It should not be used on infants and small children, and because of the potential for changing the balance of hormones in the body it should not be used by pregnant women.
  • Geranium therapeutic-grade essential oil is a good choice for people who are looking for balance emotionally, physically, or just on their skin.
  • It is useful and powerful oil that is also wonderful to smell.
As with other therapeutic-grade essential oils, be careful not to get geranium oil in your eyes, and be sure you wash and rinse your hands thoroughly, both before and after working with the oil. Keep all therapeutic-grade essential oils out of the reach of children.

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How an Anti Aging Skin Care Guide Can Help You Avoid the Signs of Aging
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