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Obesity, they say, has become an epidemic now. That is really surprising considering that for all the thousands of years humans have been on the planet, it is only now that whole populations of people seem to be putting on loads and loads of fat in their bellies and abdomens. It seems to be only now that millions of people seem to be bothered by love handles and the like. Most people a couple of thousand years might not even have bothered about getting obese even once in their lifetimes.

But obesity is no benign condition. Obesity might be the cause behind a wide variety of medical conditions that do not make life any prettier. In short, obesity kills. Period. So the million dollar question is . . .

How To Burn Excess Fat and Get Slim and Fit ?

Well, to answer this all we may have to do is take a look at why obesity has become an epidemic now. Most people lead fast paced lives today and spare no thought to treating their bodies right. The only food many eat these days is junk food. Cheese burgers, pizzas, ice creams and so on. They are delicious alright. But they also lead to bulging bellies and protruding abdomens. If you are fine with the results of such a lifestyle, then there may be no reason to change. But in case you really want to look like a gorgeous fitness model and flaunt your figure on the beach at least in a couple of summers, then you may want to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

What Makes a Healthy Lifestyle ?

The Right Diet : A diet very, very rich in fresh fruits, raw vegetables, sprouts, nuts and some grains. And free of all dairy products, meats, poultry, junk food and processed foods. The right diet will have a greatly positive effect on your physical and emotional well being.

Adequate exercise : To burn fat, you need to exercise. Period. The right diet along with adequate exercise of the kind that is right for you can burn even the most stubborn fat deposits over a period of time.

Lots of rest and relaxation : Stress may actually lead to over eating and obesity. Practising some form of meditation for about 20 minutes, twice a day can greatly relieve stress and promote healing and well being. For more on meditation, you might want to see Learn Meditation .

Right Attitude : Your attitude may determine the level of stress you experience. If your mind is filled with pleasant thoughts then the level of stress you experience will be a lot less. And th level of stress may determine your tendency to overeat and put on excess weight.

Labor of Love : Most people do not seem to love their jobs, and this may be a great factor that adds to their stress levels. If you really love what you do, then you may experience much greater levels of well being and consequently a lot less stress.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle may be the best way to get rid of excess fat and become fit. But if you feel the amount of lifestyle changes required are too high, then you may want to make small changes everyday and over a period of time, you will have a very healthy lifestyle that promotes well being and health. It may be far better than trying to do everything all at once and then giving up in a couple of days.

Eat Delicious Foods Like a Glutton All Day Long. And Still Stay Healthy and Burn Fat Fast. Here's How


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Burn One Pound of Fat! Using Aerobics & Weight Training to Burn One Pound of Fat
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