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Acne can be the blight of anyone’s existence. In order to get rid of this nuisance people are prone to resort to expensive over the counter medications and products. However, often the desired results are no obtained. This is because it is very hard to choose the most suitable product from the wide array of choices. Misconceptions and lack of information may mislead a person into selecting the wrong acne products that may end up aggravating the condition instead of providing relief.

Home made acne products can also prove to be a good solution. Here also, there exists a number of choices, such as lemon peel extract, orange peel paste, garlic paste, coconut water, mask made of green tea, and so on. There must not be any confusion about the product to use; otherwise, more harm than good may result.

Some of the most popular acne products are listed here. A Swiss company named Arbonne provides an acne care system called Clear Advantage. This company has an experience of 25 years. It offers only natural products. The system includes a cleanser called Acne Wash, a toner called Refining Toner, a treatment product called Acne Lotion, and the whole range is priced at around 66USD. Market research seems to indicate that this range of acne products offer the best treatment available. Perceivable results appear after about 40 days. The flipside is that you need to be a member of the organization, or locate one, in order to obtain the products. The company hosts a website that provides detailed information about the products.

Acuzine is a supplement for acne treatment and it is to be taken orally every day. It has been shown to be effective for healing certain persistent types of acne that even antibiotics fail to cure. This is a non-prescription medicine, meaning that a doctor’s advice need not be taken in order to buy this acne product. The advertisements claim that this natural product is safe for consumption even by pregnant women. The cost of a package these pills that lasts for two months is almost 70 USD.

The set of acne products marketed by Derma Cleanse include an acne treatment gel, a face cleanser gel, oral supplements in the form of capsules and a skin revitalizing moisturizer. The whole range is priced at about 100 USD. All the products are completely natural and devoid of side effects. The manufacturers proclaim that a single use of the product is sure to remove all the acne.

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Acne Skin Care Product Guide - Making the Most of Your Acne Products
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