What You Should Know About Alcholic Drinks And How It Affects Your Weight Loss Program


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Party drinks such as alcoholic drinks and cocktails that are being offered to you contain an incredible number of calories. These drinks and this little phrase “I’ll just have a little…” can be an absolute killer for your weight loss plans during this holiday if you are not careful.

And I’m not just talking about the food.

These party drinks is the hidden danger and can do more harm than just getting you intoxicated and embarrassingly uninhibited.

Did you know that these drinks contain an incredible number of calories?

Alcohol is the number two most energy-dense food, losing out only to fat. Fat contains 9 calories per gram while alcohol contains 7 calories per gram.

This means that each drink you consume will cause you to take in an alarmingly high number of calories.

Together with their calorie counts, here are some samples of more popular drinks…

1 glass of Bailey’s lrish Cream - 468 calories
1 glass of Margarita - 453 calories
1 glass of Martini - 413 calories
1 glass of Pina Colada - 297 calories
1 glass of Vodka Cranberry - 250 calories
1 glass of Rum & cola - 240 calories
1 glass of Screwdriver - 200 calories
1 mug of beer - 150 calories
1 glass of white wine - 120 calories
1 tequila shot - 100 calories

To put those calorie counts into perspective, having 2 glasses of Margaritas would give you about half of your daily calories requirements. Its 50% from just 2 drinks and that doesn’t include the calories from the food, nuts and snacks yet. Once we add those, you can see that it is easy for you to go over the daily calorie requirements and start piling on the pounds.

This doesn’t mean that you should stay away from alcoholic drinks. It’s just keeping you in mind the huge amount of calories in the drinks.

This holiday, I want to leave you with a couple of useful tips to help to reduce the “guilt factor” in you:

Fill up your glass with lots of ice cubes. The water from the melted ice has zero calories. Use soda water to dilute your drink. This will help to fill you up quicker and means you won’t get tipsy too quickly.

The most important tip is that you should not use alcoholic drinks to quench you thirst. You should be drinking party drinks for fun. Drink a big glass of water first to quench your thirst. It has zero calories.

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