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It is estimated that nearly 90% of all teenagers will experience some degree of acne in their lifetime. Additionally, one out of every four adults will also develop acne. Is there anything that can be done using natural skin care to avoid this unfortunate skin condition? Well, yes and no. While there is no perfect natural beauty product cure for acne, there are acne skin care measures you can take to aid in prevention.

First and foremost, you need to practice smart natural skin care cleaning methods every day. This includes washing skin with a natural beauty product like a gentle, alcohol free cleanser. Choose the best skin care product for you when you find a cleanser at the store. Smart cleaning methods also entail cleaning your skin with your fingertips, and not with a washcloth. Lastly, it is important to note that you should NEVER scrub your skin, this will only make acne worse.

The second thing you need to do is avoid potentially skin care harmful products. The best way to do this is to use only organic beauty product lines. Toners, exfoliators, and astringents can all contain alcohol that further aggravates your skin. Most organic beauty product lines do not contain harmful ingredients. Read organic beauty labels before you buy, and stay away from any organic beauty products containing sensitive ingredients.

Next, you need to make sure that you do not pick or pop pimples as part of your skin care regimen. This is not recommended for several reasons. Popping pimples actually serves to delay healing time; and it also increases the likelihood of scarring.

Women and men both have unique acne skin care concerns. Women who use makeup and sunscreen need to choose organic skin care product lines that are labeled noncomedogenic. This is crucial, as these organic skin care product lines contain ingredients that will not clog pores. This, in turn, makes it easier to maintain healthy skin. This can also be a form of anti aging skin care, as most of these anti aging skin care products will help you avoid the lines that others will cause.

On the flip side, men have to be mindful when shaving. Choose razors and shaving creams that are made for sensitive skin, and always take your time! Fast or aggressive shaving can lead to further outbreaks.

Following these acne skin care tips should help decrease the occurrence of acne in your life. If you still fail to see results, consult a dermatologist who may be able to offer you the best skin care product for your face.

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