Liquid Vitamin - Better Than the Pill But Not For Everyone


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In this era of fast food, short breaks and over time getting the proper nutrition is sometimes a difficult task. That is why taking a liquid vitamin might be something that you should look into adding to your diet. However, it might not be the solution for everyone.

1. What exactly are the contents?

There are two options when it comes to the contents of liquid vitamins and nutritional supplements. One is solo vitamins this is basically the liquid form of a particular vitamin like iron or vitamin C or B-12. These are sold for one primary purpose to make up a deficiency in that particular vitamin.

The other form they are sold in is the multi-vitamin form. This formula is designed to meet what the medical association and nutritionists recommend as the daily dose our bodies need of all the basic nutrients of life.

These basic nutrients are divided into two categories they are either fat soluble or water soluble with a total of thirteen.

2. Compared to other multi and sole vitamin forms what’s the benefit of taking a liquid vitamin or nutritional supplement?

Primarily liquid nutritional supplements and liquid vitamins are designed for people who have issues swallowing pills, capsules or who can’t chew. If it’s designed for children it most likely is going to come in a flavor. This of course is so that they are easier to get kids to take without a hassle. They are also more quickly usable by the body because it does not have to break down a pill or capsule into smaller forms. The vitamins are already in their smallest forms in the liquid meaning reach your system faster. This doesn’t make them any more effective than the pills but they also don’t contain the additives you sometimes find in the pill form of vitamins.

3. Advice reminders and words of caution when taking liquid vitamins.

Unlike their pill formed counterparts liquid vitamins and nutritional supplements are not items regulated by any federal quality assurance board in this case the food and drug administration. This means that there is no one double checking to make sure that what it says on the bottle matches the contents. Be aware and make sure you choose trusted brands if you are planning on using a liquid supplement. If you are unsure whether or not a liquid supplement is what it says it is, check to see if the company who makes the supplement follows the GMP’s regulations.

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