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Frequently Asked Yoga Questions


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Yoga is a great exercise to take up if you are looking to get in shape and deal with stress. It is an exercise that anyone can do for the rest of their life. If you are considering taking up yoga, keep reading and learn the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Can I still do yoga if I am not very flexible? Yes you can, yoga is not just about flexibility. It is about relaxation and holding poses. Through yoga you will find that you also will become more flexible just do not push yourself too hard. It takes time.

Do men do yoga? Yes of course. In fact yoga has become much more popular for men over the last few years. Men get all of the same benefits that women do such as increased flexibility, strength and stress reduction.

Where and when did yoga originate? Yoga is thousands and thousands of years old and originated in India. If it has endured this many years here must be something to it.

Will yoga help me lose weight? Yes yoga can help you lose weight. It will give you the discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eliminate temptations to eat junk food and will help ease stress. Stress causes you to gain weight and reducing it might help you reduce your weight.

How often should I do yoga? A good start would be to go for a 60 minute class twice a week. It is hard to overdo it however and if you could do 30 minutes every day you would be in good shape. A little every day is better tan a lot all at once.

Hopefully this article has answered your questions on yoga. If you need more information you should contact a local yoga studio in your area. Try out a class or two, you won't be disappointed.

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