The Ideal Honeymoon - Taking a Wedding Cruise


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A wedding cruise could provide the most intimate, secluded honeymoon atmosphere ever imagined by a bride or groom. For one thing, the happy couple could be bonding and enjoying each other while traveling to their final honeymoon destination, rather than rushing and hassling between crowded airports and other transportation to get wherever they are going.

It would be possible for the wedding party, or even the entire wedding reception to be at the docks to see the couple off as they depart on their wedding cruise! This would be such a dramatic send-off, as compared with a bunch of old shoes on the back of a car! Save at least a few bottles of champagne for this last toast to the happy couple!

The wedding cruise could be going somewhere that the couple planned to visit, that of course will always have a special significance to their life together from there on. This would add some extra excitement and anticipation to their happy time.

Alternately, the wedding cruise itself could be the honeymoon destination. It would be even more relaxing, knowing that they have nowhere to be except together. They would enjoy their first night falling asleep together, and their first morning waking up as Mr. and Mrs. , while being in the most beautiful atmosphere imaginable.

The wedding cruise accommodations would give them the option of going on their first lunch date as a married couple – again without any transportation hassles. Or, they could opt to order a leisurely lunch in their private cabin.

Of course, the wedding cruise ship would have a lovely, romantic place to go out for cocktails and dinner. The couple would dance together and be able to step outside to cool off in the ocean breeze; and to practice looking lovingly into each other's eyes, with nothing but the moon reflecting on the water to illuminate this memorable time together.

Everything they could possibly need or want on their wedding cruise would be right there – sports and recreation, just strolling around the decks together, a hot tub, sunbathing; and just staring out at the water would create such a relaxing atmosphere – as if there is no tomorrow. . .

Of course the ship does stop in different exotic ports, and if the couple is ready for a little excitement on their wedding cruise, they could have fun site-seeing and shopping for souvenirs and mementos.

Certainly a wedding cruise as an option for a honeymoon is a very romantic idea that everyone can consider, now that cruises are not just for the rich. There are lots of affordable cruises to near and far destinations that will create an intimate atmosphere in which to begin their life together!

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