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Used correctly, saw palmetto can help relieve a lot of conditions (especially for men). However, there are several saw palmetto side effects to watch out for.

Some saw palmetto side effects

It happens very rarely, but some people develop allergic reactions to supplements whose main ingredient is saw palmetto. These allergic reactions manifest through troublesome breathing, closing of the throat, inflammation of the tongue (and/or lips), swelling of the face, and/or hives. If you experience these saw palmetto side effects, immediately stop taking saw palmetto and call for immediate medical attention.

Less serious saw palmetto side effects have also been documented. These include nausea, cramping, headaches and diarrhea. You may also experience side effects other than these. If you feel any discomfort at all after taking saw palmetto, consult your doctor immediately.

To lessen the risk of saw palmetto side effects, never take saw palmetto without your doctor’s approval if you are taking birth control pills, estrogen replacement medications, tamoxifen (like Nolvadex), toremifene (such as Fareston), testosterone or other types of anabolic steroid, or any hormone-related medicine in general. Keep in mind that medications other than those mentioned may also react to saw palmetto and potentially harm you. Consult with your doctor or health care professional.

How to avoid saw palmetto side effects

Saw palmetto supplements are not for everyone – ask your doctor for approval before taking them in order to prevent side effects from manifesting.

Never take saw palmetto supplements without seeking medical clearance especially if you have prostate cancer, breast cancer, and/or similar hormone-related disorders. Keep in mind that saw palmetto supplements contain elements that can affect your hormone levels, making them very dangerous if you suffer from these high-risk health conditions.

To protect yourself from possible saw palmetto side effects, never take it without first securing a BPH diagnosis from your doctor. This is because conditions like prostrate cancer may have the same symptoms as BPH. Your best defense – especially of you are over 50 years of age – is to go for regular prostate examination. Never self-medicate. Remember that saw palmetto is NOT a medicine formulated to sure BPH – it is only a reliever.

Remember to buy your supplements only from GMP-compliant manufacturers to be sure that you ate getting adequate dosage. Saw palmetto supplements manufactured by less reliable companies may contain fillers such as sugar, silica, or starch, all of which are potentially harmful to your health.

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