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L-Carnosine is a natural di-peptide that is present in skeletal muscle, heart, brain and other innervated tissues. The combination of two amino acids is termed as di-peptide. So, L-Carnosine is the combination of beta-alanine and L-histidine.

The concentration of this di-peptide decreases with the age of the body. Therefore, this nutrient supplement is on the high for promoting anti-aging. L-Carnosine reduces the substances referred to as AGEs, which are abnormal, cross-linked proteins that may play a role in aging.

Additionally Carnosine may also reduce the cross linking of collagen in the skin that leads to wrinkles, lines, and breakdown of elasticity. In other words, Carosine helps in slowing down the aging of skin.

Other Benefits and Functions of Carnosine

L-Carnosine may also aid in preventing atherosclerosis, joint inflammation, and cataract formation. It may also help in body in getting rid of a lot of toxins. Carnosine chemically binds the toxins to certain toxic metals and neutralizes the damage that they would have otherwise caused. Carnosine also helps in regulating zinc and copper within the body.

How is L- Carnosine able to do all this?

There are some evidences to show that L-Carnosine protects cells against excitotxic death. Excitotoxicity is the cause of many neurological disorders is.

Excitotoxicity is caused by sensitivity to glutamate, and may lead to brain cell damage. Glutamate is the primary excitatory neurotransmitter. Excitotoxicity, in short, can cause a sort of “chain reaction, " if you will, that ends in cell death. L-Carnosine has unproven ability to protect the cells from dying.

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