Chapeau de Cuoro and Alternative Health


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Deep in the Amazon Rainforest exist an array of exotic plants, trees, and herbs that populate the better part of South America. Recent news tells of the dangers of deforestation and the impact it will have on our planet's overall environmental state, but not many realize, too, the healing potential the lies within the forest. For centuries the natives of the rainforest have used these natural resources for their restorative and medicinal benefits. One such tree is known as the Chapeau de Cuoro.

What is Chapeau de Cuoro?

Roughly translated to mean “leather hat, " Chapeau de Cuoro comes from the Echinodorus macrophyllus plant, which is indigenous to the Brazilian forests. It is a large plant which thrives in a damp environment, and is recognized by its large, heart-shaped leaves.

What's so great about Chapeau de Cuoro?

It is the leaf of this tropical plant that yields the extract of Chapeau de Cuoro as used by the Amazon people. It is believed that use of this herb relieves discomfort and aches within the joints.

Are there side effects to taking Chapeau de Cuoro?

While there is no research to indicate any side effects to taking a supplement containing Chapeau de Cuoro, it is advised to seek the professional advice of a physician before taking such an herb for alternative medicinal use.

Chapeau de Cuoro sounds great. Where can I get it?

Enter Chapeau de Cuoro into Internet search and you are bound to find several alternative health shops selling the herb in various forms. This wonder supplement is in very high demand in South America, but when you shop for such an item you want to be certain you are getting the purest form of the herb available, direct from the Amazon Rainforest. Always check labels for Chapeau de Cuoro or Echinodorus macrophyllus leaf as the main ingredient, and take care to notice any side effects when taking the herb. Relief of joint pain is important, and while many look to alternative means for a solution, it should be done carefully.

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An Introduction to Alternative Health Treatments
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