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Halitosis, or the fear of it, is almost an everyday thing in today's cleanliness- and health-conscious world. Products to alleviate breath odor are easy to come by; commercial preparations that cure halitosis, however, are difficult to find. The reason for this is that, though we have worked out most of the common causes of bad breath odor, the way to end it permanently still eludes us. It may require a different approach, or a different lifestyle.

Ultimately, the solution is probably going to be a halitosis natural remedy that permanently changes the inner environment of the mouth. This is where the problem usually starts and it's the focal point for any attempt to cure halitosis. In the mouth, a surprising variety of bacteria and other microscopic organisms live and multiply, drawing their sustenance from food particles, shed cells, molecules found in the saliva, and other proteins. This is normal; in fact, we need an abundant variety of these organisms to have a healthy mouth. Some of the bacteria, however, usually present in small numbers, produce a bad smell when they break down protein. It is these bacteria, when they multiply to unhealthy numbers, that cause breath odor.

It's apparent that a halitosis natural remedy shouldn't just kill off mouth bacteria indiscriminately. Instead, to treat halitosis, we might target the odor producing bacteria or simply try to encourage the other varieties to do better and overwhelm the troublemakers. For the individual looking for quick results, the best plan to cure halitosis will probably include a bad breath product that targets the odor causing bacteria coupled with a complete medical checkup and an objective assessment of lifestyle. This might include getting more exercise and consulting a nutritionist to improve the diet.

A healthy body, maintained with a healthy lifestyle, is the best halitosis natural remedy over the long term. Bad breath products that control breath odor temporarily, however, certainly have their place and can be stepping stones to feeling better about yourself and working toward a more permanent way to cure halitosis. Chances are, the halitosis sufferer who is successful in permanently changing the mouth environment for the better will also experience many other positive changes to physical and emotional health.

R. Drysdale is a freelance writer with more than 25 years experience as a health care professional. She is a contributing editor to Cure Halitosis , a blog dedicated to the treatment of bad breath.


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