The Pressure To Be Perfect


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It is alarming that more and more young people are lining up for the plastic surgeon's knife. It's a sorry sign on the times that we are so obsessed with appearance and that so many base their self worth on how they look.

But they get it completely wrong. It's not about “pressure to be perfect". Not at all.

These girls are not victims of anything but their own vanity and shallowness, because in my opinion only valid use for cosmetic surgery at this age is getting removed something like a big mole or a birthmark.

A girl who gets cosmetic surgery does so because she thinks she can't get the perfect cute boyfriend or glamorous career as a model unless she gets her nose fixed or ears pinned back. In her mind the motivation is very clear, she wants to be accepted be other people with no problems.

Personally I don't think that a nose is such a big deal in itself. People acting this way have a choice and know very well what they are doing. They're not being physically forced and they are definitely not being forced by the a perfect image in media. They're just greedy and want more than they are entitled to and think that's the way to get it.

If someone decides to alter surgically his/her appearance, it's fine on me. What I can't understand is this “pressure to be perfect" created in many young people, because I consider personality more important that physical appearance.

D. Valerian is a freelance writer intersted in items such as plastic surgery


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