How to Cure a Cold Sore


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A cold sore is called herpes labialis, caused by the herpes simplex virus type I, it is a contagious disease. The virus affects the mouth on the lips and face and once you are infected with it, the virus remains in your nerve cells. They stay dormant there until the trigger such as fever, some of foods, overexposure from sun or wind, menstruation, which can cause recurrence outbreak.

These are some suggested tips how to reduce the recurrence outbreak:

- Always get enough rest, take your vitamin c everyday to protect your body from falling sick,

- Always practice a good hygiene, wash your hand after you touch your blister or after contact with people who suffering cold sore.

- Eat a healthy diet.

- Avoid triggers such as stress.

- Don’t share towel, toothbrush, glass or food utensils with someone else.

- Avoid triggers such as some of certain of food.

- Stay out of the sun and wind, or at least limit exposure.

How to cure a cold sore? There are many cures for cold sore, such OTC medication or antiviral medicines that need your doctor recommended. For most people anti-viral medications are probably the most effective cold sore cure, but the beneficial to stop the virus just when using the medications, and do not prevent recurrence once the treatment is stopped.

So, how to cure a cold sore forever? Natural home remedies are the best cure for a cold sore that you should know, because they can relieve cold sore symptoms; reduce the risk of recurrent outbreaks, and helping you manage with a lifelong condition. And one important thing, there are no dangerous side effects to use natural home remedies to cure a cold sore. So if you still looking for complete solution to cure your cold sore, try to using natural home remedies to get the complete treatment for your cold sore.

A cold sore is contagious disease, so the best you should do is preventing transmitted them to another person, also other parts of your body. And find the best cure to your cold sore.


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Cold Sore Treatment Tips - Preventing And Getting Rid Of Cold Sores
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