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Essential oil is a volatile and concentrated liquid, which is extracted from the different parts of plant such as leaves, stems, roots, wood, bark etc. Essential oil is regarded as the real essence of nature in the form of oil. It is quite possible that the term oil being used in the essential oil can give you the sticky feeling. But, it must be noted that essential oil is not at all sticky like other edible and synthetic oils.

In present scenario, maintaining healthy life through naturopathy is gaining popularity among the people. And, aromatherapy is regarded as an art of healing and maintaining a healthy life. Aromatherapy make use of natural extracted products such as essential oil, carrier oils etc. But among them essential oil is the key ingredient used in aromatherapy.

Essential oil, in aromatherapy is used to cure various health problems such as cold, arthritis, pain, anxiety, stress, skin problems and various others. There are different types of essential oil available in the market, each one with its distinct feature of healing and curing.

As they are naturally extracted, thus they are expensive than other oils. The price of each essential oil depends upon the country in which plant is grown, rarity of the plant and the quality of the distiller being used while extracting oil.

The use of essential oil is just not restricted up to aromatherapy. Rather, there are several other uses of essential oil such as:

  • as Air freshener

  • in perfumery industry

  • in cooking

  • for maintaining health

  • in cosmetic products

  • as a repellent

    Essential oil embraces of such aroma which strike directly to the brain; after that supplied to different parts of body. Essential oil plays a crucial role in maintaining emotional well being in a person.

    A blend of essential oil is also used in aromatherapy. In these blend, different types of essential oil is mixed together. The advantage of using blend of essential oil is that the person is not needed to purchase or use essential oil individually. Rather, he can take benefits of different essential oil at once.

    While purchasing essential oil, the person must make sure that he is not buying an essential oil of inferior quality as it can put adverse effect on the health of the person. Sometimes, it is also seen that using pure or undiluted form of essential oil can cause irritation to certain people. So, in such case they must consult a doctor as soon as possible to avoid undesirable circumstances.

    Bryan Josling is working with the Horticultural Research Station in Adelaide. He has also been involved with research on plants. To find aromatherapy essential oils, essential oil benefits , aromatherapy massage oils, organic aromatherapy, essential oil dilution visit

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