Are Lower Ab Exercises A Useless Waste Of Time?


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If you have a chubby tummy and are considering doing several sets of lower ab exercises so that you can burn all the fat and have rock hard, six pack abs like those attractive models on late night TV, then you might want to pause and think again . . .

Because while some ab exercises if done right may actually be good for your abdominal muscles, they may have little or no effect in burning all the fat in your lower abdomen. And why should you be worried about all the fat that makes your tummy bulge ?

Well, simply because unless you get rid of all the fat, your abdominal muscles will never be revealed. You may keep doing all the lower ab exercises you want and still have a protruding belly.

The simple truth that seems to confound many exercisers seems to be this - spot reduction does not work.

So if what you really want is to get rid of your belly fat, then what you might want to do is start figuring out ways to burn off all the excess fat in your body. And when it comes to burning off excess body fat, all you really need to do is to stick to a simple formula . . .

Burn More Calories Than You Consume Everyday

That is it. Really. As simple or as complex as that - depending on how much you are willing to do. And how do you stick to this formula ? Well, to start with, you may want to eliminate all those high fat, processed food that make people fat, and eat only fresh fruits, raw vegetables, grains and nuts - all preferably organic.

That means eliminate every trace of meats, poultry, fish, dairy and fast foods from your diet and eat only fresh fruits, raw vegetables, grains and nuts. In short, you would need to adopt the eating habits of vegans.

But that is only a part of what needs to be done. You will also have to do some kind of cardio workout for about 30 minutes or so, at least 5 times a week - depending on your physical condition.

If you make these two changes in your lifestyle, then you should end up with a fabulous figure in just a few short months. You would also want to talk to your doctor before you do any major changes to your lifestyle and eating habits.

Dangers of Drinking Cow's Milk - do you know them ? And are your kids getting the right nutrition ? And could this be the simple and easy solution to obesity ?


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What Are The Best Lower Abdominal Exercises For Men?
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