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There can be various reasons why we suffer from diarrhea; one reason is the body’s natural defense system ridding the body of toxins and unwanted substances. Other reasons include an allergy to something, eating contaminated food, a bacterial or viral infection or some people find themselves constantly running to the toilet with nerves.

While nothing really cures diarrhea there are some medicines that can help to relieve the symptoms and stress that are brought with condition. Along with drinking plenty of fluids you could try herbal remedies as relievers, if the problem is particularly troublesome.

Here are some of the most herbal remedies that can be used if you are suffering.

Argentum nitricum can be helpful to take if you are suffering the problem due to nerves, particularly if you anticipating stressful events such as exams, going to an interview or preparing to make a public speech. It is known to calm the stomach and the nerves that in this case cause diarrhea.

Bryonia may be helpful if the diarrhea occurs as a symptom of heatstroke. This should be taken along with plenty of fluid, preferably cold water. If you are suffering from this type of diarrhea, the mouth may be very dry and the symptoms worse, first thing on waking.

Chamommila is used in the relief of diarrhea that is accompanied by pains in the abdomen and gas. It is not unusual for the person suffering to feel hot and even be flushed in the face.

Colocynthis can help to relieve cramping pains in the stomach that are felt before the diarrhea begins. Usually relief can be felt if you bend over or put pressure directly onto the abdomen. Ipecacuanha can bring relief if the diarrhea is accompanied by nausea or vomiting, it also helps with pains that are felt around the navel.

Phosphorus can be soothing if you have that empty stomach feeling after watery diarrhea, very often the person will have an intense thirst when affected this way.

Pulsatilla can help if the attack of diarrhea is brought on after you have eaten rich or fatty foods. If this is the case then the person will usually have nausea and pains in the abdomen to accompany the diarrhea. Sulphur can be a relief for diarrhea that occurs first thing in the morning particularly if the anus is itchy, sore, red or swollen.

Although herbal remedies are made from plants and natural ingredients, care should be taken when diagnosing your illness and self-prescribing. Most of the over the counter remedies will of course include instructions for dosage and these should be followed carefully.

When using herbal remedies you are usually advised to take a dose of the treatment and wait for it to take effect, if you see some improvement in your condition then give the remedy time to do its thing. However if no improvement is seen then another dose may be taken providing your symptoms or illness doesn’t get drastically worse. The type of remedy you use will depend on how frequently you are supposed to take it throughout the day; certain remedies require only one dose daily while others require you to take it several times during the course of 1 hour.

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