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Chronic Sinus Headaches – What It Is And How To Deal With It


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Headache is one of the main symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Sinus headaches are caused by inflammation in the sinus and nasal passages that are situated behind the nose, eyes and cheeks and in the forehead. When mucus or drainage gets blocked in the sinuses it builds pressure, creating a favorable ground for bacterial growth and causing pain in front of the head, around eyes or in the upper teeth. Chronic sinus headaches, unlike headaches triggered by acute sinusitis, are less severe but persist longer.

Chronic sinusitis can be caused by low-grade inflammation and blockage due to physical obstruction such as deviated septum (the structure between the nostrils that divides the inside of the nose into right and left sides) or deformed bone in any one of the sinuses. It is usually accompanied with postnasal drip (a collection of mucus in the back of the throat when you are lying on the back), sore throat and thickened nasal secretions.

Chronic sinusitis can be difficult to diagnose as chronic sinus headaches are not always followed by such upper respiratory symptoms as facial swelling, nasal stuffiness or nasal discharge and therefore are often confused with migraines or tension headaches. In most cases the right diagnoses can be detected only by a “CAT" scan of the sinuses. However, there are common signs of sinusitis that may help your doctor to identify whether or not you suffer from chronic sinus headaches.

  • First of all, sinus headaches tend to worsen when you wake up in the morning or when you lie down. In this case you may try to facilitate mucus drainage from the sinuses to reduce inflammation and sinus swelling and pressure.

  • Pain can be also aggravated by bending forward or by sudden movements of the head.

  • You may experience facial tenderness to touch with a headache usually localized around the eyes.

  • Sudden changes of temperature like going outside from the warm room may worsen the headache.

  • Unlike migraines chronic sinus headaches are often accompanied with fatigue or fever. With migraine you may feel like you have a fever, but in reality you don’t.

  • There usually is a green or yellow discharge that is thicker than normal.

  • Headaches may start during or right after you had a bad cold, flu, or premenstrual syndrome.

  • If you have asthma or if you are allergic to mold, dust, pollen you may also develop chronic sinusitis that will lead to headaches.

    If you think that you may have a headache caused by chronic sinusitis, please let your doctor know about it, describing the symptoms as detailed as possible, so you could get the right treatment. Also if you have been taking antibiotics or other prescribed drugs for migraines or tensions headaches, but they have been ineffective and you still get persistent headaches, it is suggested that you get an examination for sinusitis. It is important for a sinus infection to be treated as soon as possible, as over the time infection can spread to the brain, causing some serious health problems and severe headaches.

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