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Fearful Thinking- Controls Your Thinking

Lorraine Roach

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Panic, anxiety and depression can stem from the fear we carry with us on a daily basis when we suffer from these often chronic situations.

The fear is there under the surface of our thoughts and can jump into the conscious mind in seconds if certain events, sights, sounds, smells or other triggers are activated.

In your life there may be fears that add fuel to the panic attacks, anxiety and depression.

Some examples of fears experienced by some people are:

Fear of losing control, being trapped, getting sick, passing out, being too far from your safe place like home or having a heart attack or other health issues.

On top of the fears you may have worries about how these fears are impacting other areas of your life.

As you can see the fear and worry are feeding each other so that you now could be adding more fuel to your existing fears and therefore continually get worse and worse.

Let us say that even though we are disturbed by the fearful thoughts we have at times these are normal and knowing that even famous people suffer from chronic anxiety can help us to realize that accomplishing our goals is possible.

As mentioned, the root of anxiety can be fearful thinking. The fear plus the worry equals a physical reaction such as trembling or sweating.

The cycle then keeps going and you find yourself feeling like a load of laundry spinning wildly out of control.

Here is a tip to help you stop the cycle of fearful thinking and take back control.

One simple idea is that you must learn that a thought is only a thought, it is not reality when you are in the negative situation.

Without the fearful thoughts there is no fuel and worry and the cycle will be broken

Accept the thoughts as only thoughts, back away from these thoughts and challenge them.

Do not suppress the fearful thoughts as the key to successfully overcoming anxiety and panic is to see them for what they are and learn to ride the waves of the feelings, knowing that they will not last and will ultimately decrease and go away as time goes by.

Once again we use the power in our own minds as a tool. Fighting with our inner self and what we know to be really the truth is what feeds the continuation of fear.

Stop fueling your anxiety and panic and put out the fire of these negative and false thoughts that are impacting everyday life.

Believe in yourself and open yourself up to the idea that through actions you will attain results in the fight to end anxiety.

"For 40 years, 7 months, 4 days and 3.9 hours I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks - especially after my heart attack on August 12th, 5:00am EST 2006. As a result of my suffering, I decided I would go on a crusade to reveal the most powerful, most effective and most successful system for living an Anxiety and Panic Free Life. " - Lorraine Roach, Founder Visit: to discover what 99.2% of ALL anxiety and panic sufferers do wrong, and how to make sure YOU avoid it.


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