How The Cost Of Lasik Surgery Can Blow Out!


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The cost of Lasik eye surgery is difficult to estimate in general terms because of the difference in prices charged by varying providers. It's also dependant on each respective patients various needs with requirements differing from person to person.

The introduction of new technologies and procedures have resulted in a steady rise in the average cost of a lasik operation. Prices have risen between 30-40% in the last five years and by the end of 2006, the average cost of lasik per eye was about $2000.

Be Wary Of Advertised Specials

A trap for new players is falling for advertised lasik specials which can be rather misleading. Being drawn to a procedure being advertised for between $500-1000 is one thing and obviously very tempting however, keep in mind many people won't qualify for the advertised price. If they do, then it's quite likely extra work is required which will include several follow up visits and extra cost.

It's important to read the fine print and ask the right questions before committing to lasik eye surgery. The average cost of lasik usually revolves around the cost per eye and if a procedure is being advertised for under a thousand dollars it's more than likely for one eye.

Qusestions You Need To Ask Before Committing To Lasik Eye Surgery

Several factors contribute to the cost of Lasik a operation. These include such things as overheads including surgical equipment, surgery location and consultation fees. If you are considering Lasik then consider asking the following questions when you meet with your surgeon.

- Always ask for a clear explanation of what is included in the cost of lasik surgery. Factors such as initial evaluation and examination may seem straight forward procedures at the beginning but in many cases, you will be charged for these which is understandable but, find out exactly how much you're paying.

- In many instances, other doctors will be asked to review your situation but most people don't take into account their time is included in the fee.

- As much as you need to know what's included, you also need clear guidelines as to what is not included. This will save any arguments when it comes to paying the bill!

- Ask your doctor the risks involved. Be clear on this. While lasik eye surgery is reasonably safe, any complications which do arise will need to be treated and therefore can “blow out" the original quote.

- Be clear with your doctor on the amount of follow up required. Will you need medication and if so, how expensive is it?

Several factors contribute to the average cost of Lasik surgery. The procedure is one thing but think of it a little like an assembly line. By the time the finished product reaches the showroom, a variety of input has gone into the end product all contributing to the success of the project and all contributing to the cost. It's your hip pocket so be sure to go in “with eyes wide Open. "

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