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The True Cause of Disease and How to Cure It

Kevin Hinton

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Louis Pasteur is regarded as the father of the ‘Germ Theory. "

He literally took medicine out of the dark ages into the “realm of science" - or so we are led to believe.

Until Pasteur’s publications, medicine basically consisted of anatomy and physiology combined with a whole lot of potions, lotions, superstition and black magic.

With the advent of the microscope, Pasteur was able to delve into the world of micro-organisms.

Within this new microscopic world, Pasteur found micro-organisms - ie germs, which he reasoned were the cause disease.

The medical fraternity grabbed this theory and promulgated it as the foundation of disease causation and thereby staked their claim for exclusive rights to the art of healing.

During the past 25 years I have been writing health articles based on the laws of science – biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology - and nowhere in these sciences is there a mention of a “germ" causing a disease.

It is understood, and quite rightly so, that germs are the product of their environment, i. e. the mosquito looks for and lays its eggs in a stagnant pond and the developing larvae are nurtured by said environment.

If I were to say to you, however, that the mosquito has the ability to lay its eggs in a clean- flowing stream and that in the process, said stream would be transmutated into a stagnant pond you would think me a bit daft.

Although, should the clean-flowing stream dry up and become stagnant then we might expect that this environment could become a home for the mosquito.

All life forms – including microscopic bacteria – search for and find an environment that is suitable to their proliferation.

These statements are accepted as biological facts – found in the most basic of science courses.

Unfortunately, when we examine the philosophy of medicine in the 21st C we are confronted with archaic and contradictory illusions regarding the theory of health and disease.

The medical fraternity would have us believe that the mosquito causes the stream to stagnate and that each and every germ is the harbinger of disease and death.

To say anything against the bastion of medical and pharmaceutical theories results in an outpouring of denial and cover-ups that rivals the cloak and dagger world of espionage.

Well, the healtheducator is saying this – Pasteur was wrong when he plagiarized the works of Professor Antoine Bechamp and propounded the ‘Germ Theory’ of disease.

The germ does not cause the disease.

The germ exists because the conditions within the host are suitable for the growth and proliferation of its form – and those conditions are, to say it succinctly – putrid.

If we, as hosts, clean up our environments, the germs will have no recourse but to find another home.

If we want top-flight health then we must put our own house in order.

The taking of a pill, potion or lotion will do nothing but mask the cause – similar to sweeping the dust under the rug.

Oh! and by the way – did you know that on his death-bed, Louis Pasteur recanted his germ theory and admitted that “the soil was everything" - read as: germs exist because of the environment as opposed to creating the environment.

Is that hard to swallow?

All the best in making a clean sweep in your lifestyle.

Kevin Hinton is a renowned Natural Health Educator & Advocator who has assisted a broad range of people to reinvigorate their lives through common-sense Natural Health practices. He is a trusted advisor to many in the corporate world in Australia and North America who recognize the life-improving value of Natural Health habits. His experience in the field reveals that adopting practical Natural Health habits usually helps drive success in other areas of life. Visit Kevin at: and sign up for a FREE world class newsletter.


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