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Do You Have Gum Disease?

David Snape

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Gum disease has been deemed a silent epidemic. It can rob a person of his teeth. But how much do you really know about this disease? Can it be stopped or prevented? I believe the answer is yes in most cases.

Most people are woefully unaware that they even have gum disease, that is until the situation becomes critical. So how do you know if you have gum disease? The best way to be sure is to get a diagnosis from your dentist.

However, if your gums bleed upon brushing or flossing, there is a good possibility that you have gum disease. Some people don't care if they have it or not. But I think they would care if they lost some or all of their teeth. Who would want to deal with dentures or implants if they didn't have to?

I spoke to a dental student recently and she told me that people actually come to the clinic and ask for all of their teeth to be pulled. They don't want to spend the time it takes to clean them properly. The problem is that even if someone has that done, they still have to take care of the dentures and the gum tissue around implants still needs to be cared for. So not much is resolved by having all of one's teeth pulled.

There is a rare two percent of the population that is virtually immune to gum disease. If true, that could mean that the other 98% of us are prone. Official quotes say that something like 75% of people over the age of 35 have gingivitis or gum disease. My guess is that the number may be higher.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a fairly simple solution to get rid of gum disease?

Let me tell you my story. One day, seemingly out of the blue my hygienist wanted me to sign a paper that stated that it was not the dental office's fault if I lost my teeth. I was a little shocked. But the truth is, this situation didn't develop overnight. Just like I mentioned before, it took years for gum disease to progress to that point.

I didn't know that a little occasional bleeding while brushing or flossing was not normal. In fact, many people think that way. The truth is that it is not considered normal for your gums to bleed while brushing or flossing.

Once I did my research, I found a few simple tools that helped me to eliminate gingivitis for good. When I went back to the dentist's office they were amazed. The last time I went, the hygienist said that there was no bleeding during probing. That is a good sign for the health of my gums.

What I discovered during my research is something that everyone should know about in my opinion. That is why I created the Gingivitis Killer website.

If you have or think you might have something as serious as gum disease, visit your dentist for diagnosis and treatment. Stop gum disease and keep your teeth for the long haul.

David Snape writes for the Gingivitis Killer website. Learn how he eliminated gingivitis and prevents it from coming back.


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