How to Use and Precautions to Take Before Using Elidel to Treat Eczema


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All over the world many individuals suffer from this skin disease known as eczema. The disease is characterized by burning sensation, scaling, scaling and thickening of skin. Generally this skin condition can be found on the face, elbows, arms and knees. In addition to the hampering of the look of the skin, it makes a patient with the skin condition look awkward.

These days, with the advancement in medical science research, the treatment for the disease is possible. Amongst the various kinds of treatments available, usage of Elidel topical cream is a well accepted treatment for eczema by many dermatologists and patients worldwide. It is a FDA approved prescription drug for treatment of mild to moderate eczema. Novartis, its drug maker claims that this drug is steroid-free eczema medication. However, normally the usage of this drug is prescribed by dermatologists when other treatments for eczema fail to work or are not suitable for you.

To use it, a thin coat of Elidel medication is applied two times in a day on the skin area affected by eczema. The use of Elidel should not be done without a consultation with dermatologist or health professional. Plus, a patient should also follow the guidelines given by the dermatologist or doctor while following the prescription.

As per the claim of the manufacturer, 30gm Elidel aims at the very root, where eczema develops. Though the precise course of action taken by Elidel cream is unknown it is believed that it acts by blocking the fundamental cells responsible in the development of eczema. In this way, this dreaded skin disease called eczema can be treated effectually.

A few precautionary measures while using Elidel cream are:

  • Confine yourself to limited sun exposure while having the treatment, even while it is not applied.

  • Wrapping the eczema treated skin region with dressing is not recommended.

  • Refrain from bathing, swimming, or taking a shower subsequent to application of the cream.

  • While application on the eczema affected areas; direct contact with eyes, mouth and nostrils should be avoided.

  • Pregnant women, women about to become pregnant, nursing mothers, individuals with weak immune system, and those individuals with a history of skin infections should abstain from use of it.

  • Children under the age group of 2years should not use this medication.

  • This topical medication should not be used without medical prescription.

    Side effects like sore throat, cough, headache, viral skin infections, and warmth or burning feeling after Elidel application may be visible. In case, a patient happens to see the side effects, then he/she should immediately wash off the cream from the applied area with mild soap and seek advice from the dermatologist. Consult a dermatologist and see if Elidel is the drug which would be suitable to help you out of Eczema.

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