Applying BenzaClin to Get Out of Acne Vulgaris


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Acne can be quite bothersome, and leaves scar on face if not treated in time. Majority of the times, acne occurs due to overdevelopment of sebum. This overproduction is caused by hormonal imbalance. A number of methods are adopted to treat acne. Amongst these; taking pills and applying topical creams are more predominant. However, if a patient is having acne it is a wiser step if the individual consults a dermatologist. The dermatologist may suggest the dosage of acne treatment cream BenzaClin or may ask you to take another kind of medication altogether.

BenzaClin is an effective topical medication in the treatment of acne vulgaris. It constitutes two dynamic acne fighters namely benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin. Many acne patients experience visible results within 2 weeks of continual application of BenzaClin cream.

Customarily it is to be applied on the infected area two times in a day, unless the dermatologist or doctor advices other way to use it. In case, there is contradiction made in the manufacturers instructions and the instruction given by doctor, the instruction given by the doctor should prevail. An acne vulgaris patient is required to cleanse the affected area with warm water and mild soap prior to its application. Patients should not over apply its dosage to compensate a missed dose as it can be harmful for the health.

Some side effects viz. dry skin, redness of skin, itching, sunburn, and peeling of skin may occur when a patient is using the drug. However, if the side effects persist for long the patient should consult a doctor. BenzaClin should be shelved at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Direct contact of BenzaClin with eyes, mouth or nostrils while application should be avoided. Expectant women, women about to become pregnant, breast feeding mother should refrain from applying it without a medical consultation. Use of the medication may get in the way of the effectiveness of other skin disease related treatments and hair removal or hair removal medications hence consult the doctor prescribing other medications on its usage.

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