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Reduce Your Body Weight Most Willingly


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Your mind allowed it!

You know, you accumulated extra fat and tissues of all kinds in your body just by eating food, eating extra food. Eating a little extra food over and above the requirement gets accumulated in your body day by day. In a matter of a few months, you could see that you have gained some extra weight. But you do not care about it. It is because you wanted to become a little chubby and showy. You wished to be so-your mind allowed it.

Your mind and you oppose!

This is the time when you can consider about a change in your way of food consumption. Your mind is willing to change. But, you are unwilling to change yourself; you are not co-operating with your mind.

When you continue eating in the same way, your body weight gets added to show that you are becoming obese and ugly. Now also, you can control and reverse the situation. But, your desire to eat more depresses the truth and allows you to eat with out any reservations. Your extra-desire over takes your mind’s analytical and decision making power.

Problems turn heaven into hell!

You have become obese and now your body weight is abnormally more and you have become ugly in others’ point of view. You started experiencing the problems of being obese physically. You think now, the time has past and it is beyond your control and eating could not be stopped. Again you prefer to allow your desire or negative side of your mind to take lead.

You know very well that at every fragment of time that passed, your desire to eat and your mind to allow your desire to take lead have ruled you. Now, your mobility within and outside your residence and work place, becomes a real problem.

All the happiness you enjoyed has turned against you. The heaven has turned into a hell.

You have started asking others to find out a solution.

Problem and Solution, all in you!

However, you have a problem and an apt solution within yourself. It is created by you. It can be solved by you. You know, how these joyful eating events now turned into a worrisome problem that devour most of your time daily.


1. You have been eating because you liked it.
2. You took eating as a routine job.
3. You made it a continuous process.
4. You took more of most liked by you.
5. You took more food more frequently.

Reverse Process:

1. You need to control your desire to eat; also to control your mind that allows your desire to eat.
2. You need to eat less-less frequently; give a lot of time gap in between.
3. You need to eat only selectively; eat only foods that do not add fats and tissues to your body; eat much less of most liked foods.

Do not worry; we are here to help you to turn the ‘hell into heaven’.

Now, strongly believe that you are going to reduce your body weight. You will become slender. You will become lovely. Only thing you need to follow your mind’s newer directions.

I shall make your inner sub-conscious mind to understand the problem and make a determination to do what ever necessary to make you slim, better and happier.

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The author is a keen observer of business activities in his vicinity. The article is drawn from his own experiences and knowledge. He is a business strategist guiding young entrepreneurs. He is writing an ebook on ‘Business Strategy for Success in Any Business or Job Seeking Activity’.

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