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3 Main Symptoms of Osteoporosis


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Osteoporosis generally develops without any apparent symptoms and therefore is referred to as ‘silent disease’. A few of the symptoms that do arise generally emerge only in the advanced stages. People normally do not become aware of the disease being cropping up, unless their bones turn out to be so weak that a light bump or a fall leads to a fracture or collapse of a vertebra. Some people may also develop stooped posture, loss height or severe have back pain when the disease is in its advanced stage.


These are generally the first symptom of osteoporosis. The bones become too weak to support the body so they break even by a light bump or a moderate strain. Although this disease affects all bones of the body, the most susceptible ones include spine, followed by hips, which is followed by wrist.

A spinal crush fracture, which involves crumbling or collapse of a vertebra is extremely painful and can result in deformed posture.

Stooped Posture and Loss of Height

Although most people believe that stooped posture and loss of height occur because of aging, they are actually avertable symptoms of osteoporosis. The loss of height most often occurs because of “compression fractures" in the spine, which in turn, arise when weak bone tissues of the vertebrae give way. These weak vertebrae can collapse even by coughing or sneezing, resulting in a sudden, unbearable pain. Over a certain period, these fractures lead to stooped posture, humpy back or loss of as much as 6 inches of height.

Acute or Chronic Back Pain

Your upper body is connected to your pelvis and legs by the lower spine. Your lower spine is one, which confers you the capability to turn, bend, lift or twist. It also supports most of the weight of your body while you stand. Hence, this is the region, which is always under maximum stress and also most susceptible to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis of this region causes sharp and unbearable pain.

Thus, the consequences of osteoporosis are often intolerable and debilitating. The good news is that osteoporosis is a preventable and treatable condition. The need is to educate yourself about how to make better your bone health and keep away from the risks of osteoporosis.

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