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Alternative Health Anxiety - Product Review To Help Battle Anxiety


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Product Review: Qigong Beginning Practice DVD

Alternative health anxiety practices come in many forms. Utilizing yoga; deep breathing techniques; and other forms of meditation can help in alleviating anxiety and promote a balance within. Qigong or Qi Gong, pronounced Chi Gong, is not a new way to meditate. Chi refers to life force energy; and Gong means to practice, which dates back to over 4000 years in Chinese traditional medicine. It is an excellent starting point to ensure overall well-being and can, in fact, relieve many health conditions you may face.

The Qigong Beginning Practice DVD consists of slow movements and breathing techniques that stimulate energy flow. It promotes a natural way to reduce stress and illness, and it shows you how to tap into the power of Qi to feel stronger, more fluid, and more agile, while at the same time strengthening your immune system.

Here is what users of this popular DVD had to say: "I'm new to the practice of QiGong. This DVD provides a powerful insight to its practice and depth of purpose. It is easy to follow and quickly absorbs one in the flow of using QiGong in one's life. "

Another enthusiast user wrote: "This is my first introduction to Qigong and found the documentary DVD and actual instruction very informative and easy to follow. I have been starting my mornings by following along with one or more segments and then moving on to the next segments on following days. If you are interested in Qigong - I would definitely recommend starting out here. "

A woman who viewed Qi Gong on TV commented: "I happened to be clicking from one channel to the other when suddenly I heard this soothing voice. A man was standing on a large plank, on a lake, with a scene of nature surrounding him which invoked calm and peace. The man was performing these very slow movements. As the voice explained what each movement was and how it affected the body, I became intrigued and felt an immediate sense of calm, and my breathing changed as well. Even though I was not engaging in the exercise, I soon learned this was Qi Gong.

The program was part of a PBS special. As I watched and listened, I felt my body relax and became fully focused on the voice. The movements by the gentleman were soft, slow, but with purpose. I decided then and there I would purchase this DVD and become totally involved in this meditative form of exercise. "

Finally, a Qi Gong user wrote: "Francesco Garripoli is an engaging instructor who clearly loves Qigong. The snow-capped mountains in the background are spectacular, the music is great and the demonstrations and explanations are succinct and spot on. A few repetitions and you get it. I particularly like the concluding section of movements aimed at specific illnesses, e. g. , if you have sore shoulders do this practice. It has been proven that if people can exert even a small degree of control over their illness it will increase their self confidence and they will get better faster. "

Battling anxiety? Randy Rhodes is a former sufferer of anxiety who battled his panic attacks and WON without chemicals! If you found these alternative health anxiety tips helpful, be sure to check out his site:


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