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Tips for Panic Attacks


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These tips for panic attacks can help you when that awful moment occurs when you think the world is coming to an end. Rest assured; it isn’t. Panic attacks are very frightening, and while it may seem as if you are about to have a heart attack, or have a strong feeling of foreboding and doom, know that these are just symptoms of the condition and will pass.

Tip #1: Once the panic attack begins, you cannot stop it. All you can do is ride the wave of fear. Depending upon where you are when the panic attack occurs, this will determine how to handle it. For example: if you are in a department store, alone, your first instinct will be to get out of there. As calmly as possible, find the exit sign – this will give you some relief. Go outside and just stand in front of the store and take deep breaths.

If you are accompanied by a friend; have the friend find the nearest exit and let him or her lead the way. You will be in no shape to find it yourself and you may be walking around in circles which will further increase the panic episode.

If you are driving in your car, alone, and the panic attack occurs; move over to the right lane. You may think you are going to faint; but you won’t. If you need to, stop at the shoulder and just sit in your car, with the windows open, and take slow breaths. It may seem like an eternity, but the panic will pass. Don’t put on the radio; it will just enhance the panic attack even more. Just sit quietly and wait.

Conversely, if you have a panic attach when passenger in car; ask the driver to either pull over or take the nearest exit ramp. You will need to exit the car and walk around. Remember, the fright and flight components associated with panic attacks will subside as long as you have control over your situation.

Tip #2: If you have a panic attack at home, the safest thing to do is walk around. Don’t try to occupy your thoughts with something else - it won’t work. With your heart pounding and your peripheral vision widening, you are in no condition to try and focus on anything. If there are family members in the home with you, they will recognize the signs. Just keep walking around until you feel that nauseousness subside.

While it may seen the attack will never end; it only lasts a few minutes. After which you will be physically and emotionally spent. In fact, your body may go into a type of shock wherein you will feel cold and exhausted. Just lie down and eventually you will fall asleep.

These two tips for panic attacks are just the tip of the iceberg when you become totally enveloped in this condition. The main thing you need to do is breathe; walk; and not try to do anything that will further intensify these episodes.

Battling anxiety? Randy Rhodes is a former sufferer of anxiety who battled his panic attacks and WON without chemicals! If you found these tips for panic attacks helpful, be sure to check out his site:


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