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Scalp Acne - What Causes Acne To Develop On The Scalp And How To Get Rid Of It


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What is the bump on the scalp?

Is it acne?

It looks like acne, it feels like acne. What can be done about it? This dilemma faces people every

Acne is commonly seen in outbreaks on the face, arms, back, or chest. It can, however, appear on other parts of the body. Many people, having never had an acne breakout in one of those other areas, do not realize that acne can pop up just about anywhere.

This is because the body has sebaceous glands all over the body!

Acne is really just a skin condition. It can appear anywhere on the skin. One of the less common locations that it appears is on the scalp. Anyone who has scalp acne realizes this can be quite annoying, painful, and even alarming.

Acne on the scalp, in its mildest form, is called scalp folliculitis. This type of acne often appears or gets worse during stressful times of life. The scalp becomes oilier than usual and the oil clogs the hair follicles, resulting in acne.

Of course, if the hair is not washed properly and frequently, the problem can more easily occur. Use of oily hair care products can also be a culprit in causing scalp acne.

Scalp acne tends to be very itchy, unlike most other forms of acne. It can be virtually impossible for the person experiencing acne on their scalp to leave the acne alone. Pustules form, in the milder cases, which are crusty, small, and very sore.

Often, they pop up on the forehead along the hairline but they can appear anywhere on the scalp. In severe cases of scalp acne, there can be multitudes of pustules.

A really severe form of acne of the scallop is acne necrotica miliaris which develops large, inflamed papules that have black crusts on the surface. This severe scalp acne can leave scarring that can be quite serious.

Yet another serious form of scalp acne is seen more commonly in adult men of African-American descent than in other populations, but it can happen to anyone of any age, gender, or ancestry can experience this painful form of acne.

In this rare but severe form of acne on the scalp, numerous large cysts plus smaller pustules and papules which can increase to very large sizes.

Treating Scalp Acne

Any person who had dealt with scalp acne knows that shampooing with regular shampoo will simply not cause the acne to go away. The scalp keeps itching and scaling. Fortunately, there are treatments that can quickly make scalp acne go away.

In milder cases of acne on the scalp, treatment is much the same as with any other acne. Keeping the affected area clean and applying topical acne products which contain salicylic acid will usually be sufficient. By using a cotton ball for application, you can control the area covered by the product and avoid drying other scalp areas which do not have acne outbreaks.

People with oily hair tend to develop scalp acne more than other people. By using shampoo and hair care products designed for oily hair, often scalp acne can be avoided. Products created for the treatment of seborrhea are also help in many cases.

Should you have severe pustules that appear infected, do not apply any treatment until you seek advice from your doctor or dermatologist.

Any product that contains benzoyl peroxide should not be applied to the scalp. The peroxide can cause color changes in the hair which can be quite unattractive. Chemically treated hair, such as permed or colored hair, will also react badly to any product for acne that contains benzoyl peroxide.

If you have scalp acne, remember to avoid touching it with your hands. This will only make the problem worse and can cause infections. Instead, turn to treatments for scalp acne that will quickly make the problem go away.

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