Symptoms of Hypothyroidism - Know What to Look For


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Hypothyroidism is a very common medical condition that is the result of the thyroid not producing enough of the thyroid hormone in the body. Many people also refer to hypothyroidism as an underactive thyroid. Having hypothyroidism can affect a variety of mechanism within your body and can cause multiple health problems, so it is important that you understand the symptoms of hypothyroidism so you can see a doctor if you have any of them.

Weight Gain - While there are many different reasons that you may be gaining weight, one of the most common reasons that people see a sudden weight gain is because of hypothyroidism. This is one of the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism, so if you are gaining weight for seemingly no reason at all, you may want to see your doctor and have your thyroid checked out.

Fatigue - Another of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is fatigue. Many people do not catch this symptom because they attribute it to age or working too hard. Because the thyroid is not working correctly, the metabolism usually slows down making your body feel tired and fatigued all the time. While this can be a symptom of other physical problems as well, it is best to suggest that your doctor check out your thyroid.

Sensitivity to Cold - Being sensitive to cold more than most other people is another of the common symptoms of hypothyroidism. While it is normal for the body to feel cold if it is truly cold, if you find yourself always cold, even when others are feeling fine, then this may be a sign that you have an underactive thyroid. You should mention this symptom to your doctor and have your thyroid checked.

There are a variety of other symptoms of hypothyroidism that you should be aware of as well. Some of the other symptoms to look for include depression, hair loss, increased menstrual flow, constipation, dry skin and hair, memory loss, and cramps. Remember that each of these symptoms can be pointing to hypothyroidism or other diseases, so it is important that you discuss them with your doctor. Hypothyroidism can cause many physical problems, so catching the symptoms early is important and can help you get the treatment you need early on.

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